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Written by Pavel Lenshin


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Selling online is mostly about psychology of people. Consumer marketing evolves torepparttar extent when right psychology attitude torepparttar 127210 customer playsrepparttar 127211 crucial role inrepparttar 127212 game called product selling. This process like any other has two opposite effects: positive and negative.

Firstly about positive effect, which is that companies start to find SOLUTIONS to people's problems and needs more actively. No need to develop feature that doesn't solve any particular problem ofrepparttar 127213 consumer market. Customer becomesrepparttar 127214 epicenter of professional marketing activity.

What may be negative with this process? The answer is HYPE! People don't compare products' features any longer, in other words, they don't compare facts, hard cold facts about products/services. They compare professionalism ofrepparttar 127215 copywriters, who have written respective sales copies. The more trustful sale copy sounds,repparttar 127216 more beneficial it will seem to potential buyers and, thereforerepparttar 127217 more chances of closing a sale. Have you noticed any reminder ofrepparttar 127218 quality ofrepparttar 127219 product itself anywhere? Neither do I. That is what I meant by mentioning negative effect.

I truly believe that your business offer is of high quality and rich on both features and benefits. Below we will examinerepparttar 127220 most adequate elements of your sales copy.


Your headline should point torepparttar 127221 biggest advantage or solution your product offers. It must be catchy and clear. Some hidden, but understandable meaning may reinforce your headline. Ifrepparttar 127222 design of your web-page is not too amateurish, you will have all chances that visitors will read your web-site headline and behave in accordance with psychological effect they got.

Short Description

One, two sentences ofrepparttar 127223 core idea behind your offer. While "surprises" or "pleasant secrets" you may leave for a desert, visitors should have clear understanding of what your offer is. Your one line headline may not be able to explain visitors what your product is all about. Onrepparttar 127224 other hand, if you are web-hosting reseller, there may be no point inrepparttar 127225 additional description as anyone who wants to put his/her web-site online knows what web-hosting is about.


Those who don't have much time or just check your sales copy for "relevancy" will scan your copy by sub-headlines making decision about is your copy worth their time spending. In this regard your sub-headlines should be intriguing and developrepparttar 127226 positive image about your offer. With their help you also have an ability to point visitors' attention to some crucial ideas or explain some controversial moments.


For me benefits and features are twin-brothers. I don't like much when I am being told about "unbelievable benefits", when I cannot comparerepparttar 127227 features and make my own judgments. Average customer cannot make right decision basing solely on benefits - it is not hard to write that your offer isrepparttar 127228 best. To make a picture clear you should also provide visitor with features, to reassure him/her you don't have to hide anything, because your offer is THAT Damn Good! I hope it really is :0). For pleasure reading it is suggested to present them inrepparttar 127229 form of a bullet list.

Clients' feedback

If your first clients are glad and delighted with your product, then ask them if they wouldn't mind your putting their unsolicited feedback online. This tactic may substantially increaserepparttar 127230 credibility of your offer in potential buyers' opinion.

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