Effective affiliate marketing using articles

Written by Christopher Kyalo

Every day thousands of people join affiliate programs and yet every day thousands more get discouraged and give up trying to make money from their affiliate programs.

Still, thousands others wait for their generous checks from all sorts of affiliate programs and laugh allrepparttar way torepparttar 136904 bank, every month. I make good money from an affiliate program using articles asrepparttar 136905 main part of my affiliate marketing strategy.

But what is more is that there are plenty of other guys out there doingrepparttar 136906 same, although some of them use more expensive methods than free articles. For example, recently I personally saw a monthly check for $15,000 shown to me by a friend involved in a leading affiliate marketing program.

So what isrepparttar 136907 difference betweenrepparttar 136908 frustrated andrepparttar 136909 successful?

The difference is thatrepparttar 136910 top earners have an affiliate marketing system for generating a constant supply of leads or traffic torepparttar 136911 web sites they represent. In contrast,repparttar 136912 ones who do not make any money do not have any system. They often just sit back and wait for things to happen. Sorry folksrepparttar 136913 hype is just not true. You have to put in some effort!

In this first article in a series, we will deal with 3 key factors one needs to address to launch a successful affiliate marketing strategy using articles that can work for virtually any affiliate program.

1) You must know what works and what doesn’t.

The problem with most affiliate programs is that you will not be able to know where your traffic is coming from. Online that is a disaster. It is like flying an aircraft blind. Sooner or later you will crush.

A good solution is to start a blog with an identical topic to your affiliate program. Use a good site meter to carefully monitorrepparttar 136914 traffic you are receiving. You can then easily referrepparttar 136915 people who visit your blog to your affiliate site. To make your blog even more interesting you can carry Google Adsense pay per click ads. This way you can have some income even as you build up your affiliate program. Userepparttar 136916 articles that you are posting elsewhere on your blog.

While generating revenue from your blog, do not lose sight of your main objective which is to monitor what articles posted at which web sites are bringing inrepparttar 136917 most traffic. You can then use this information to constantly improve onrepparttar 136918 volume of traffic headed to your affiliate program site.

This is yet another reason why it is so important to select an affiliate program based on a subject that you are personally interested in. Maybe closely linked to a hobby you really love. Only then will you haverepparttar 136919 enthusiasm to constantly come up with various new ideas to market your affiliate program and haverepparttar 136920 passion required to regularly test and improve and also enjoy doing so.

Google Adwords Secrets - Tip #1

Written by Tom O'Brien

Tip #1 – Disabling Advert Optimisation

Disablerepparttar automatic advert optimisation feature (set in your campaign settings) to avoid giving away valuable IP to your competitors.

Visitrepparttar 136508 following link for an example:

Why would you want to do this?

Ok - Let's say you are diligently testing 2 adverts side by side within an ad-group (as you should always be btw).

With optimisation turned on, eventually 1 advert will be deemedrepparttar 136509 leader and shown more.

For arguments sake – we will takerepparttar 136510 keyword ‘marketing’. Your competitor has 2 split tested Google Adwords adverts which will show (in a round robin manner) whenever this keyword is searched for.

You can find out useful information regarding which ofrepparttar 136511 adverts is performing better by searching forrepparttar 136512 keyword marketing, notingrepparttar 136513 ad results and refreshingrepparttar 136514 search results.

Because you get to knowrepparttar 136515 best copy Suppose you do this 4 times (by reloading your webpage) - and 3 times advert 1 is shown, but advert 2 is shown once - you now know which of these adverts isrepparttar 136516 best.

Knowing what adverts are working for your competitors allows you to start to understandrepparttar 136517 mindset of your potential prospects (what's working and what's not to encourage click-throughs).

This of course is very valuable intelligence to have for you to construct your own adverts - which means you can ultimately have higher click through rates and as a direct result pay less.

Because ads in Adwords are inrepparttar 136518 public domain, your marketing efforts can be gleaned by your competitors and vice versa if you userepparttar 136519 automatic optimisation feature.

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