Effective Weight Loss

Written by Ryan Cote

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you raiserepparttar amount of calories you burn and watch what you eat (bothrepparttar 135397 food andrepparttar 135398 portions), you'll eventually start losing weight. Don't make it more complicated than this.

Exercise. You have to. Do cardio and this doesn't mean you HAVE to run. There are plenty of cardio exercises that will give you results and this includes walking at a good pace. And add weight training torepparttar 135399 mix becauserepparttar 135400 muscles you'll build will help you burn more calories.

Watch what you eat. You have to. Nutrition is where it's at and until you realize this, it's going to constantly be an uphill battle. If you feel guilty eating something, then don't eat it. Use your head because it's not that hard. Avoidrepparttar 135401 foods that you know you should avoid and watch how much sugar you take in. But have one day that you eat whatever you want because otherwise you'll go crazy.

Overeating during the Holidays

Written by Ryan Cote

They sayrepparttar average person gains 5 lbs duringrepparttar 135396 Holidays. You're tempted by tons and tons of food- good food- so it's no wonder you gain weight.

But don't despair...

I personally don't drive myself crazy duringrepparttar 135397 Holidays with what I eat. Don't get me wrong- I don't go overboard- but forrepparttar 135398 most part I eat what I want.

It'srepparttar 135399 Holidays- it's only once a year and is supposed to be a happy time. Don't eat yourself into oblivion, but enjoyrepparttar 135400 good food with a smile on your face.

But this is what I want you to do...

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