Effective Web Site Promotion Strategy

Written by Kevin Warrene

Effective Web Site Promotion Strategy ----------------------------------------------------- Improve Your Site's Exposure

by Kevin Warrene VP, Sales and Marketing BMRW & Associates, Inc. February 3, 2003

Promoting your own web site should be atrepparttar top of your marketing strategies. There are many ways to get traffic to your site. You could spend thousands of dollars torepparttar 124452 search engines, search engine optimization companies or keyword positioning companies or you could follow these simple tips to help you market your web site on a very small budget. These are in no particular order as I feel they are all integral parts in web site promotion.

Tell Everyone - Word of mouth is sometimesrepparttar 124453 very best advertising. Always direct people to your site for more information. This is by farrepparttar 124454 easiest to do as most business people interact with customers, industry specific contacts, vendors and prospects on a daily basis. Tellrepparttar 124455 world... I have a web site!!!

Business Cards - This is a must. Your business cards should have your web site address on it as well as your email address.

Email Signatures - Always put your web site address in your email signature atrepparttar 124456 end of your communication. You can get very creative with signatures for different features you want to talk about. I probably have at least a dozen different email signatures that I use.

Stationery - Make it a point to put your web site address on your letterhead, notepads, post-it notes....for that matter anything printed should have your web site on it.

Advertising - If you are spending money advertising on TV, radio, print or online you need to make sure that your web site address is listed. You should want to drive this targeted traffic to your site.

Linking - Several search engines are starting to use link popularity to begin to rank your web site in search results. If would be in your best interests to find sites that are industry related to yours and work on reciprocal links. Ask your vendors about a link to your site. Work on getting linked to any possible site that would have relevant content to your site.

Customers - I feel very strongly that you need to notify all of your customers that you can about your web site. This can be with a direct mail piece, a flyer at your checkout, a flyer in their statement or an email. Your customer can continue to come back torepparttar 124457 web site 24/7 to find out what is going on at your company.

Search Engines and Directories - You can always work on submitting your web site torepparttar 124458 main search engines and directories that will accept submissions without charge. These are getting far and few between but are out there if you want to takerepparttar 124459 time. These can generate results but may take quite a bit of time to realize those results.

How to Get Reporters to Chase Your News Story

Written by Rusty Cawley

Controversy isrepparttar secret ingredient that can turn your story from one thatrepparttar 124451 media ignore to one reporters want to own.

But controversy must be chosen wisely and carefully. Not just any controversy will do. You must pick a controversy that will serve you well.

To ignite a controversy, you must first point out a threat torepparttar 124452 public. Second, you must identifyrepparttar 124453 villain responsible for that threat. Third, you must position your company asrepparttar 124454 hero that opposesrepparttar 124455 threat andrepparttar 124456 villain.

All of this must be done subtly. The public must never see your company pullingrepparttar 124457 strings. If you appear to be setting up a straw man just to knock it down, you will lose credibility rather than gain it.

Letís begin withrepparttar 124458 task of finding, isolating and identifying a risk torepparttar 124459 public. The place to start is with your product or service. What problem does it solve? Whom does it serve?

All business is a matter of solving a problem for someone. A plumber solvesrepparttar 124460 problems of leaking faucets and back-up sewers. A tax attorney solvesrepparttar 124461 problems of IRS audits and unsheltered income. A convenience store solvesrepparttar 124462 problem of needingrepparttar 124463 quick purchase of a quart of milk.

Every company solves at least one problem. Spend some time analyzingrepparttar 124464 problems your company solves every day. Make a list. Go overrepparttar 124465 list with your employees or co-workers. Uncover every problem or potential problem that your company can handle.

Beside each listed problem, listrepparttar 124466 categories of customers or clients that would use your service to solve these problems. Include not only current categories, but also categories you believe you should be reaching, but arenít.

Donít worry about going overboard. Later on, you can always scratch out any categories that donít make sense.

For now, just brainstorm.

The next step is to weigh each of these identified problems as a true threat torepparttar 124467 public. We do this by asking ourselves three questions about each problem:

1. Is this a problem that will truly create an intense concern among our consumers?

2. Isrepparttar 124468 probability high Ė or, at least, moderate Ė thatrepparttar 124469 average consumer will face this problem at some time?

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