Effective Web Search with Google's "My Search History" Tool

Written by shuth

You were looking for certain information onrepparttar web. After several attempts using different words and phrases with your favorite search engine, you finally have foundrepparttar 138601 required information but, as it happens, forgot to bookmarkrepparttar 138602 pages. In a few days when you needed to check outrepparttar 138603 same pages again, to your utter dismay, you realized that you couldn't recall how you searched out those pages. Sounds familiar? If you are like me, you probably face this problem quite frequently!

Findingrepparttar 138604 right page link you are seeking fromrepparttar 138605 browser's history feature, out of hundreds of pages that you have visited recently, is not easy either! More over, browser's history page remembers where you have been as you browserepparttar 138606 web for a limited time only. Things may be a little easier if you use Google Desktop search or similar tools from other search engines, but again if you don't always userepparttar 138607 same computer, even this might not be of much help.

My Search History - a new Google feature

However, thanks to new "My Search History" feature from Google, now you are able to overcome this difficulty.

New mass mailing spamming internet Trojan for the Windows platform.

Written by MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

May. 16th 2005 - MicroWorld has reportedrepparttar discovery of Troj/Sober-Q, which is a mass mailing spamming internet Trojan forrepparttar 138522 Windows platform.

Some ofrepparttar 138523 spam emails sent by this Trojan takes to respectable German news outlets, such as Spiegel etc., as reported by MicroWorld, which contain articles on: "Necessasity of Health Reforms"; "asylum seekers receive first class private supply while medical supply for Germans abolished"; "Dentists- enormous content increases expense ofrepparttar 138524 contribution payers" etc.

It affects Windows operating system and is also know by aliases such as Email-Worm.Win32.Sober.q , W32/Sober.q@MM

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