Effective Web Search with Google’s “My Search History” Tool

Written by Nowshade Kabir

You were looking for certain information onrepparttar web. After several attempts using different words and phrases with your favorite search engine, you finally have foundrepparttar 135754 required information but, as it happens, forgot to bookmarkrepparttar 135755 pages. In a few days when you needed to check outrepparttar 135756 same pages again, to your utter dismay, you realized that you couldn’t recall how you searched out those pages. Sounds familiar? If you are like me, you probably face this problem quite frequently! Findingrepparttar 135757 right page link you are seeking fromrepparttar 135758 browser’s history feature, out of hundreds of pages that you have visited recently, is not easy either! More over, browser’s history page remembers where you have been as you browserepparttar 135759 web for a limited time only. Things may be a little easier if you use Google Desktop search or similar tools from other search engines, but again if you don’t always userepparttar 135760 same computer, even this might not be of much help.

My Search History – a new Google feature

However, thanks to new “My Search History” feature from Google, now you are able to overcome this difficulty. The service, which is still at beta stage and released just recently, provides complete search history of allrepparttar 135761 past searches made through Google once you install it. The search histories are stored on Google’s servers, this enables you to access search histories from any computer. From your search history page you are able to make a query onrepparttar 135762 search history itself. Onrepparttar 135763 history page atrepparttar 135764 right side you can seerepparttar 135765 search words or phrases used for making a query, time ofrepparttar 135766 query made, pages visited related torepparttar 135767 query andrepparttar 135768 page link. Atrepparttar 135769 left side, there is a calendar to check outrepparttar 135770 search made by you on an earlier date. It also shows how many searches you have done on a certain day and how intense your search activity was on each day. A neat feature, which will help you get rid ofrepparttar 135771 problem mentioned in repparttar 135772 beginning ofrepparttar 135773 article, will show you relevant search results from your “My History Pages” along withrepparttar 135774 new search results while you make a query. “This feature of Google Web search enables you to find information you thought you lost", Google claims on its site.

How to install?

In order to add this feature go torepparttar 135775 "My Search History" link on your Google home page and search results pages, by clicking repparttar 135776 My Search History link on Google Labs, or by going directly to http://www.google.com/searchhistory. If you ever registered with any of Google’s services, i.e. Gmail, Newsgroups, Froogle, etc. you may use same user name and password to install this feature. If you don’t have account with Google as yet, don’t worry unlike Gmail account you can go torepparttar 135777 following page https://www.google.com/accounts/NewAccount and create a new account. Once you created an account, you can turn on “My Search History”, which will addrepparttar 135778 link to your Google home page and search results pages.

The Unholy Trinity or How the Inernet Got Its Wings!

Written by Titus Hoskins

The Internet, as most people know it, is history.

It just seems like yesterdayrepparttar Internet was just one big mass of wires and cables; a gloried file sharing warehouse with more than a few too many lines sticking out.

One enormous LAN party that just got out of hand - causing a ruckus and spilling out downrepparttar 135689 block and aroundrepparttar 135690 world. Creating too many millionaires for no good reason and causing too many sleepless nights surfingrepparttar 135691 neon pink.

The Internet quietly crept into every facet of our lives... no subject or topic was left unexplored in this binary medium. Suddenly, there it was,repparttar 135692 authority on everything. Our lives encyclopedia-ed to death by bits and bites.

Butrepparttar 135693 Internet has always been perceived as a connected medium; tied together by cables, servers and networks. Until now that is, because now everything has changed. And it's about time -repparttar 135694 Internet has been tied torepparttar 135695 ground for far too long - it's time for liberation. Independence Day. Bring it on!

The Internet is going Wireless - for real this time.

There were a few false starts; you can Bluetooth yourself silly, but you won't get much further than 30 feet or so. And wi-fi services have been around for a while but those were not really convenient, if you have to find something; it's not convenient. Finding a 'hot spot' isrepparttar 135696 space age equivalent of finding a 'needle in a haystack' - takes way too much time.

What changes things, what has finally givenrepparttar 135697 Internet its liberation?

Verizon Wireless 3G EV-DO (evolution-data optimized) and other companies offering similar services aroundrepparttar 135698 world. This new technology will change how we view and userepparttar 135699 world wide web. Verizon Wireless began commercial operations in Oct. of 2003 and is now expanding to over 125 million US consumers byrepparttar 135700 end of 2005.

It has really given us wireless Internet this time. It has or will turnrepparttar 135701 Internet into a truly wireless system. Devoid of any cables or lines; really make it omnipotent. It will be everywhere. No space within our biosphere will be withoutrepparttar 135702 Internet very soon.

For now Verizon Wireless or 3G is mainly located inrepparttar 135703 USA but this will quickly change as other 3G companies and systems start up to fulfillrepparttar 135704 demand. Wi-Fi may play a role too but will it gorepparttar 135705 way ofrepparttar 135706 'Beta'?

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