Effective Software Development Process

Written by Blane Warrene

There is never a guarantee of project success when endeavoring to build a sophisticated application. However, there are established steps to follow that will ensure a clear, concise scope, support forrepparttar team involved, and a solid opportunity for successful deployment. Previous experience has shown many project and technical teams thatrepparttar 133550 keys to failure can be as follows: * Lack of senior management support and business planning. * Lack of clear and detailed design specifications. * Lack of functional specifications which read as a handbook reference forrepparttar 133551 technical team involved to start writing code. Writing Your Declaration of Dependence A project always starts as an idea which generally provides a solution. Often these are drummed up in brainstorming sessions and scratched out onto legal pads or napkins. It is this step which leads to your project charter, or your declaration of dependence. The key in this phase is to include, fromrepparttar 133552 start, all parties involved, includingrepparttar 133553 most senior managers impacted by this effort. This meansrepparttar 133554 technical team, development manager, project manager, business representatives fromrepparttar 133555 impacted departments, and preferably,repparttar 133556 CIO and a non-technical senior management representative. By utilizing this group in developingrepparttar 133557 charter, there is unity inrepparttar 133558 business plan mission forrepparttar 133559 project fromrepparttar 133560 beginning. This is alsorepparttar 133561 opportunity to better understandrepparttar 133562 lifecycle onrepparttar 133563 business side forrepparttar 133564 developers and forrepparttar 133565 developers to articulaterepparttar 133566 process they go through to buildrepparttar 133567 solution. This provides a forum for business users to discussrepparttar 133568 processes they use or would use in this application, giving some insight, perhaps, into interface design and application flow. Additionally,repparttar 133569 technical team can presentrepparttar 133570 process for moving from design specification to functional specifications to a test-ready application. A process should also be agreed upon for ongoing status reporting and future resources which will be needed, such as quality assurance staff and alpha/beta testers. Depending uponrepparttar 133571 timeline, these resources may need to be identified and notified at this stage for budgeting and scheduling purposes. This completed document definesrepparttar 133572 entire scope of your project, its mission statement, supporters, reporting processes andrepparttar 133573 ultimate end result with broad timelines. It also clearly reflectsrepparttar 133574 interdependencies required to successfully completerepparttar 133575 initiative. Business Requirements This standard accepted process needs little explanation. However, it isrepparttar 133576 step which will enablerepparttar 133577 technical team to developrepparttar 133578 design and functional specifications we will discuss later. Most important is to ensure this document is written in user-friendly language and format. This is alsorepparttar 133579 document to build your projects glossary and definitions document. It enables a final review ofrepparttar 133580 scope byrepparttar 133581 team that builtrepparttar 133582 Declaration of Dependence to ensure all aspects are covered beforerepparttar 133583 process moves forward to design specifications. It is also important to avoid including design elements in this document. For example, if a data mart will be built and accessed via this application, it is important to definerepparttar 133584 definitions of a record, but not to define field structures, data types and naming conventions. This document will producerepparttar 133585 necessary definitions of business processes and needs to identify hardware and software specs, as well as components and elements needed inside ofrepparttar 133586 design specification. Design Specifications Design specifications arerepparttar 133587 "meat and potatoes" ofrepparttar 133588 project forrepparttar 133589 technical team. This is whererepparttar 133590 major system goals will be established and will very likely sound similar torepparttar 133591 mission statement implemented inrepparttar 133592 Declaration of Dependence orrepparttar 133593 charter. Several reviews ofrepparttar 133594 charter and business requirements byrepparttar 133595 technical team will lead to an introductory high-level technical document which ties systems, components and modules, and database needs to business processes and tasks inrepparttar 133596 proposed application. Top Level Design This should be capable of technically describing and definingrepparttar 133597 application without necessarily specifying underlying language to be used. Additionally, this is where all challenges should be identified: * How isrepparttar 133598 overall application to be organized? * Are all systems and sub-systems clearly noted and defined? * Have all functions been defined for component development? * Have all data definitions been converted into data structures and types? * Are there existing systems which can be leveraged for some of this application, or is it 100 percent original development? * What will be built and what will be bought? Cost analysis of components required versus available commercial components. * Limitations of internal resources. * Interfaces and systems outside of internal control, which impacts future change management and application updates.

Information Security Policy

Written by Blane Warrene

Businesses that do not have clearly written Information Technology security policies and practices in place runrepparttar risk of being named in legal actions inrepparttar 133549 very near future. Although no current court cases exist, many security experts are warning that if you lose or expose confidential business or customer data, unknowingly distribute viruses or experience a breach of your systems that results in loss of service to your customers, you could be found liable. Computer and network security used to berepparttar 133550 concern of onlyrepparttar 133551 largest corporations. Now, however, withrepparttar 133552 high availability of networks, web hosting and Internet applications to evenrepparttar 133553 smallest office,repparttar 133554 tide is turning. Today, a small business with two employees can construct an economical network, share a cable modem and purchase a firewall, which enables remote access using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is also a double-edged sword. This new "high availability" has also born a vast breed of crackers.* These individuals can find ways to access, steal and/or destroy data residing on public and private networks. Starting th Process The key to establishing these policies and practices is to not be overwhelmed byrepparttar 133555 complexity ofrepparttar 133556 process. Start by taking inventory of your systems, connections torepparttar 133557 Internet and external providers,repparttar 133558 method in which you store data andrepparttar 133559 method in which you secure and backup data. During this documentation process, you can identify clear procedures forrepparttar 133560 handling and transfer of this data, as well as new security measures you can use to show due diligence in addressing any potential security risks. The Basics Evenrepparttar 133561 smallest network should adhere torepparttar 133562 following: Never use a computer system for both personal and business use (i.e. family uses for fun, but business is also processed onrepparttar 133563 machine). This is an immediate risk to public disclosure of confidential information and accidental loss of data.

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