Effective Resume And Cover Letter Writing - Part One

Written by Nell Taliercio

To begin, make a decision to discard any former knowledge learned aboutrepparttar “rules” of resume and cover letter writing. People commonly become stuck in “bad” writing habits from a time gone by.

It is almost a certainty that since you last wrote your resume, much has been learned and even more has been changed. This is as it should be, for everyday, very creative people are adding torepparttar 142277 resume and cover letter writing arsenal.

The Basics

For years, we have been told that to be most effective, a resume should be only one page. This just does not apply any longer! Today’s resume is creative and unique.

Aside fromrepparttar 142278 most essential and key elements, a resume should reflectrepparttar 142279 personality and need ofrepparttar 142280 job seeker and not be some cookie cutter rendition of what is “acceptable and expected.”

Standards in resumes and cover letters have changed dramatically, but, only so far asrepparttar 142281 job seeker hasrepparttar 142282 creative expression and know-how to pull it off! Therein liesrepparttar 142283 difference. Everyday, employers read all ofrepparttar 142284 standard resumes. They are required to go through each and every one! But, which one will catch their eye?

Formatting in resumes and cover letters has expanded, too. When you consider that your resume will be your own, personalized form of marketing yourself -- this lends itself to all manner of unique communication and expression.

Using Freelance Websites To Telecommute

Written by Nell Taliercio

How is your job hunting going? Have you had problems finding legitimate jobs? I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about using freelance websites to obtain work at home, but this should be something you look into. It might not be for you, but you never know until you try.

So what wouldrepparttar benefit be to using a freelance website to obtain per project work at home? The first and most obvious benefit is that you would be earning money to help pay your bills, butrepparttar 142276 less obvious benefit would be that you are gaining valuable work at home experience to put on your resume! There are many employers out there that would rather hire a telecommuter that has worked at home before and if you have no work at home experience on your resume, they may go with someone who does.

However, using a freelance website is a bit different. Many timesrepparttar 142277 people postingrepparttar 142278 projects just want to use your services for a short time and for a specific project. They don’t necessarily care if you’ve worked at home before. Therefore, it could be easier to get a couple projects like this under your belt and then you can place that job on your resume! It will look good to other potential long term employers to see that you have experience working for someone at home.

You might also be able to get projects that you don’t have a lot of experience in, but want to do more of to build your resume up. If you want a full time job at home with a company, let’s say transcribing, but they all want you to have experience transcribing, it could possibly be easier to get projects off a freelance websites and that way you can build your experience forrepparttar 142279 jobs you really want.

So this sounds great, right? What isrepparttar 142280 downside? I would have to say thatrepparttar 142281 downside if two-fold. One, there are going to be others bidding onrepparttar 142282 same project, more then likely, so you still have competition and many timesrepparttar 142283 winning bid seems to go torepparttar 142284 person who is willing to workrepparttar 142285 cheapest. Not alwaysrepparttar 142286 case, but it does happen. So you might not necessarily make what you’d like to.

The only other downside I personally see is that if you wantrepparttar 142287 security of a full time paycheck, this might not berepparttar 142288 way to get it. You are usually working on a project basis and then when that project is over you’re done, but you need to remember allrepparttar 142289 positive reasons for trying this type of work…I choose to look onrepparttar 142290 bright side and I would rather have one project that paid me enough to cover a bill forrepparttar 142291 month then no projects and no money. Plus, you never know when you may end up with someone who wants to use you on a more part time to full time and/or exclusive basis. I have a client/friend who uses one of these freelance websites to post projects often, and she would be a great person to work for! I’m sure there are many more people like her posting projects that would be great people to work for.

There are many freelance websites out there. You can go to www.google.com and type in freelance websites or freelance job websites and I’m sure you will pull them up. The only two I’ve heard much about are www.elance.com and www.guru.com. Now as with anything, you need to make sure thatrepparttar 142292 freelance website is legitimate and fully research how you will get paid and if there are any fees. Here is just some very basic information about elance and guru to help you get started:

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