Effective Marketing Tool I Bet You Haven't Tried Yet

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A.

Have you tried marketing your practice and products through Distance Learning courses? I'm a personal and professional development coach and about half my income comes fromrepparttar distance learning courses I teach. In addition to giving people valuable tools for learning, they bring me droves of clients from all overrepparttar 125079 world, not justrepparttar 125080 US.

Distance learning courses are very popular and a natural way for you to market your other products and services. If you have expertise and like to teach, try this marketing tool. Don't try it if your intent is only to market; it won't work. Here are ten reasons why it works:

1. It gets your name out. Listing your courses on www.teleclass.com or www.blackboard.com will put your name in front of many new people.

2. It helps establish your expertise. If you're good at what you do, it's natural you would start teaching it.

3. Distance learning allows you to reach different demographics for potential clients/consumers. The people who take teleclasses are different fromrepparttar 125081 people who take computer courses, yet both may be interested in your services. Some may also just be looking around, and may click through to your website and get interested in something else entirely! They may decide what they really need is coaching, or a home treadmill, or a vacation, or an astrological chart. What's not to like about that?

4. There will be natural ways to promote your other products and services withinrepparttar 125082 course itself. How often has someone said to you, "Oh. I didn't know you do that too." In my Emotional Intelligence (EQ) course, it's quite natural for me to recommend assessments (I'm licensed to sellrepparttar 125083 EQ-Map assessment), andrepparttar 125084 opportunity for other courses I offer (onrepparttar 125085 different competencies, such as resilience, intuition and creativity), and tapes and products I sell related to EQ. Once you know EQ, why not buy one of my mugs that says "EQ is better than IQ!" to help spreadrepparttar 125086 word?

5. Affiliate opportunities. My students are interested in learning all they can. I'm an affiliate for amazon.com. I recommend books and haverepparttar 125087 link withinrepparttar 125088 course. When they buy through my link, I make money. EQ means developingrepparttar 125089 neglected right brain, so I can also recommendrepparttar 125090 "dummies" course in music appreciation, with links provided, and my own "Myths as Metaphor" course.

6. A Closed Loop. There are numerous research studies showing that EQ is best learned through interaction, such as coaching, so it's a natural forrepparttar 125091 serious student to then sign up for EQ coaching to complete and round out their learning experience.

The Secret To Creating A Great Reputation For Your Online Business

Written by Alex Parker

The secret to creating a great reputation for your online business is so obvious that many webmasters overlook it. I’m going to tell yourepparttar secret and then I’ll show you some ways to putrepparttar 125078 secret into action.

But, first, what exactly is “reputation?”

Reputation is one’s character as viewed byrepparttar 125079 community at large. Just think of reputation as being an opinion about a person, or a business, that is held byrepparttar 125080 general public.

Naturally,repparttar 125081 aim of a webmaster is to create and build a good reputation. After all, if you and your business have a good reputation then it means that people trust you. And, if people trust you they will be more eager to buy whatever it is you are selling. They will also be enthusiastic when telling others about your product or service.

The secret to creating a great reputation is simple. In order to build a great reputation you must go out there and tell others what a great reputation you have. Yes. Shout it out loud! Tell everyone you meet what a wonderful reputation you have inrepparttar 125082 __________ industry. (You fill inrepparttar 125083 blank.)

I know. It sounds a bit ridiculous when you first hear it. But stop and think about it. How often do you hear people onrepparttar 125084 street say something like “Dr. Jones has a fine reputation.” Well, where do you supposerepparttar 125085 people who are saying these things gotrepparttar 125086 idea that Dr. Jones’ reputation is so grand? From Dr. Jones, of course. Or, from Dr. Jones’ television ads. Or, from Dr. Jones’ brochures.

Webmasters, like other business owners, must be confident. If you don’t have enough confidence to tell others about how great your product or service is then why should anyone else talk about it?

So, let’s assume that you haverepparttar 125087 confidence andrepparttar 125088 touch of arrogance you need to begin building your “great reputation.” How do you getrepparttar 125089 word out torepparttar 125090 online community?

Well,repparttar 125091 ideas are endless but basically you just need to advertise how great you are. Advertise it any way you can. Keep it simple. For example, you could say something like “Visit seemygreatwebsite.com. Our reputation is one ofrepparttar 125092 best inrepparttar 125093 web design industry.”

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