Effective List Management Can Save You Big

Written by Joy Gendusa

Let’s talk about how to keep your postage costs down.

So far you have been following my advice and mailing torepparttar same list more than once. At some point you find lists that will produce returns continually, but you notice that you are receiving more returns than when you started mailing to those lists.

You may see things like "Undeliverable as Addressed" or "Forwarding Order Expired." Every time you mail to an address and that prospect has moved or cannot be found for any reason, you have just paid forrepparttar 147445 postage with no possibility of getting a response.

Obviously it is a pretty big waste of money to continue to mail to this address, but what do you do about it? You could simply go intorepparttar 147446 list of names that you have purchased and deleterepparttar 147447 returns. No more bad addresses, no more wasted postage, right? That is one option but there is a better way to handlerepparttar 147448 situation.

The US Postal Service has an NCOA (National Change of Address) System that a limited number of companies are licensed to access. These companies are able to takerepparttar 147449 list that you have purchased, or compiled yourself, and check it againstrepparttar 147450 USPS system. You will receive a report that will let you know if anyone on your list has moved, gone out of business, or even ifrepparttar 147451 zip code that contact was in was changed byrepparttar 147452 Post Office itself. Along withrepparttar 147453 report you will receive a new copy of your list that has been cleaned and updated.

Direct Mail Marketing Done Correctly, Cannot Fail

Written by Joy Gendusa

So how do you do it?

Direct mail marketing. When it comes to marketing your product or services there are two basic challenges:

1. How do you obtain new customers or clients?

2. How do you get your existing customers to come back for more?

Direct mail/direct response marketing answers both these challenges admirably (it’s notrepparttar only way to do it but it is a proven method that always works). You can ALWAYS rely on DIRECT MAIL MARKETING.

The postcard—direct marketing’s secret weapon…

One ofrepparttar 147444 simplest and most cost-effective forms of direct mail marketing isrepparttar 147445 POSTCARD. Because postcards work so well they can be considered one ofrepparttar 147446 key small business marketing strategies.

"I switched from sending out a monthly newsletter to my mailing list, to sending out full color post cards.

Not only did it save me money onrepparttar 147447 cost of printing, but it saved merepparttar 147448 hassle of having to preparerepparttar 147449 mailings.

Feedback has been very positive from our clients andrepparttar 147450 leads have been pouring in. Plus my website hits have increased due to promotion or it on our post cards!" Kerry Fuller, Realty Executives

Direct mail marketing strategies…

To get new customers all you need to do is:

1. Get their identities (mailing lists do this).

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