Effective Email Marketing

Written by Nikki Pilkington

I've been sending out email camapigns for clients for over 6 years, and in that time i've seen variations in clickthrough ranging from 3% to 84%!

Some of this is due torepparttar product, orrepparttar 118572 professionalism ofrepparttar 118573 website, but a great part of it is down torepparttar 118574 message that is sent.

So how can you maximiserepparttar 118575 chances of getting adecent response from your first email campaign?

Follow these simple rules and your email camapaign should be successful right fromrepparttar 118576 beginning.

1) Know What you Want Before you sit down and write your email, think about what you wan tot achieve from it. more visitors to your website? More sales for a hard to sell product? More signups to your newsletter? Or something completely different? Whateverrepparttar 118577 aim, keep it in mind while writing your email

2) Spell It Write!! There's nothing worse than receiving a marketing email with poor spelling and grammar. If you can't spell and your email doesn't sound right, how can you expect people to buy from you? A marketing writer such as Angela Sherman of Content Creation can help you with this.

3) Not Too Long Keep paragraphs short and punchy - you have very little time to grab people's attetion, and text on a screen is notoriously difficult to read once a paragraph hits more than 4 lines. Stick to simple words, short phrases and paragraphs consisting of just 1-3 short sentences.

Incredibly Bad Articles Will Kill Your Credibility

Written by Dean Phillips

I've noticed a disturbing trend recently of writers writing articles suggesting that people write articles to send traffic to their websites, and enhance their credibility. In theory,repparttar more articles you write,repparttar 118571 more traffic you'll receive,repparttar 118572 more credibility you'll have,repparttar 118573 more sales you'll make.

It's an interesting theory. However, what those articles fail to mention is that your writing needs to be of a certain quality. And quite frankly, I'm seeing a proliferation of poorly written--or just plain bad articles appearing acrossrepparttar 118574 Internet!

Unfortunately, there are some publishers out there who will publish just about anything. That'srepparttar 118575 good news. The bad news is, those publishers don't haverepparttar 118576 quality websites or repparttar 118577 huge traffic numbers, so your article probably won't be seen by too many people anyway.

So, in essence, you're really wasting your time writing garbage, because you're not going to reaprepparttar 118578 benefits that go along with writing quality content. Remember this saying, "garbage in, garbage out!"

To get published inrepparttar 118579 top ezines and onrepparttar 118580 top websites--repparttar 118581 one's with mega traffic, you need to have your act together. Publishers of top ezines and websites aren't stupid, and so desperate for content that they'll just publish anything that's submitted to them. Their credibility is at stake everytime they publish. They have standards and their readers have come to expect a certain degree of excellence from them.

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