Education Builds Credibility With Your Prospects

Written by Craig Valine

If you're in a sales position of any sort, or you're a customer or client of someone "selling" you, you know thatrepparttar most common response to an objection or concern from a salesperson is to cut price.

I know. I've been "in sales" sincerepparttar 127493 age of eleven. And, when it got tough to sell what I had to offer,repparttar 127494 very first thing I did was cutrepparttar 127495 price onrepparttar 127496 very thing of value I was offering.

It wasn't that I didn't think what I was offering was valuable. It was that I just never thought to giverepparttar 127497 "reasons why" they would benefit from what I was offering.

Well, I'm here to tell you that if people percieve you as being like everyone else, all they have to go on is comparing price.

The job then, is to educate your prospects onrepparttar 127498 enormous value you deliver. Otherwise, it seems, you're just another company delivering another commodity product or service.

The secret to establishing value for your product or service and building credibility with your prospects and customers is simple: Tellrepparttar 127499 truth.

* If your product or service costs more than your competitors, tell them why. It will create value that they didn't see before.

* If your product is made with a stronger material than your competitor's, tell them why. It will let them know that your product is more durable than your competitions.

Back End Selling . . . .

Written by Don Monteith

There are other names given to "back-end"selling. You may think of it as follow through… or maybe VALUE added. All are good terms. Let’s see how you can profit from this idea.

For our purpose today… let’s just FOCUS onrepparttar benefit of back-end selling. Its simplest meaning is….repparttar 127492 SELLING you do AFTERrepparttar 127493 first sale. Your profits come mainly from repeat business rather than fromrepparttar 127494 initial (first order) sale of your service or product.

Your greatest COST (accumulated expenses) is inrepparttar 127495 FIRST sale. Not always, I know! Let’s just believe it will be in most cases. How long did you have to work before that first sale? Did it take you five minutes or five years? Allrepparttar 127496 time this customer was NOT buying from you there was stillrepparttar 127497 overhead to pay.

Obviously, some high-ticket items can absorbrepparttar 127498 cost and still be profitable. You only needrepparttar 127499 one sale from a customer. However, we could probably agree that most items that we sell or buy are of a more moderate $$$ value. Meaningrepparttar 127500 profit return comes fromrepparttar 127501 repeat customer.

Have you ever known a razor company to give awayrepparttar 127502 razor? Why? The profit is inrepparttar 127503 blades! It’s happening today onrepparttar 127504 Internet. Computers are getting cheaper and cheaper. Even free when you sign up for a service. Sometimes a company will giveaway or "loan" a machine to a customer becauserepparttar 127505 profit is inrepparttar 127506 supplies. This is known as "back-end" selling.

You haverepparttar 127507 challenge to find your "back-end"! How can you make more sales torepparttar 127508 same customer? Sell more ofrepparttar 127509 same product? Service? Can you offer an add-on? Related items? It can even be something entirely different. Put another way, just keep selling "something" torepparttar 127510 same customer. Your best source of new or continuing revenue.

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