Education, Learning & Wisdom

Written by James Sorrell

If you are thinking about what you are going to say whilerepparttar other person is talking, you are not listening....if you don't listen, you don't learn.....If you listen with concentration, then allrepparttar 109358 brain's parts can contribute to something much better to say, even something profound! Real wisdom is found onrepparttar 109359 bottom ofrepparttar 109360 pool of humility, and that isrepparttar 109361 education King Solomon treasuredrepparttar 109362 most. ["If you are looking down on others, you will never see what is above you", as C.S. Lewis wrote] If you don't put an "editor" in

Who's the guide, the Holy Spirit or us?

Written by James Sorrell

Many times, inrepparttar first Star Wars series, a "gold mine" for George Lucas, Obi-wan (the deceased Alec Guiness) says to Luke "trust your feelings", over & over again. Since we can be easily misled in our soul by satan & company, our feelings and emotions arerepparttar 109357 LAST thing we should trust, if ever! [Feelings & emotions were designed by God to come atrepparttar 109358 "END" of something to show us if we didrepparttar 109359 right thing or not, but NEVER "the caboose atrepparttar 109360 front ofrepparttar 109361 train", so to speak, where feelings & emotions are our 'guide'.....the "engine",repparttar 109362 H.S., of God's leading goes there, as any train-man will tell you. An "instinct" for something is better, but we should trust onlyrepparttar 109363 new spirit-nature indwelled byrepparttar 109364 Holy Spirit

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