Educate yourself on the toxins in your home.

Written by Bruce Bowery

I believe that we have a right to know aboutrepparttar possibilities of health risks that are associated with consumable products. Our healthcare has been on a steady decline overrepparttar 109285 past years. We are faced with more cancers than ever before, more illness and sickness than ever before. I will not say that all of our household products are causingrepparttar 109286 increase inrepparttar 109287 above mentioned,

School Governors - Managing Health and Safety in your School

Written by Paddy Swan

School Governors - Managing Health and Safety in your School.

What you need to know. If you read nothing else about Health and Safety read this. It’s about 1500 words long but it summarises what you need to know about UK Health and Safety laws and regulations in your school.

Changes torepparttar Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations(1999) (MSHW) as laid out inrepparttar 109284 Regulations and their Guidance have laid specific responsibilities on School dutyholders to manage Health and Safety.

They need to do this by managing within a system. This isrepparttar 109285 School Safety Management System(SMS) and every school should have one.

Community, Community Special and Voluntary Controlled School Governors are NOT dutyholders as described under Health and Safety laws.

Who and what are dutyholders?

•Dutyholders are people with control over school safety. They arerepparttar 109286 people who face enforcement action inrepparttar 109287 event of anything going wrong. oIn main these arerepparttar 109288 Employer andrepparttar 109289 Headteacher. oIn any eventrepparttar 109290 Headteacher isrepparttar 109291 person in control ofrepparttar 109292 site and a dutyholder in any school.

However, Governors in Community schools have control over budgets and need to supportrepparttar 109293 head teacher, who isrepparttar 109294 “person responsible forrepparttar 109295 site”, andrepparttar 109296 main site dutyholder

•The LEA,repparttar 109297 Foundation and/orrepparttar 109298 school may berepparttar 109299 Employer and is a Body Corporate forrepparttar 109300 purposes ofrepparttar 109301 Safety law and its’ enforcement. oThat individuals as well asrepparttar 109302 school may be subject of enforcement if they do not carry out their duties. Other Governing Bodies, Directors and Trustees and individuals may be dutyholders, as far as they exerciserepparttar 109303 function of employer in Foundation, Private or Voluntary Aided Schools.

What arerepparttar 109304 requirements to manage safety? •The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations defined that all schools needed to manage safety. Thus any school needs to have a system for carrying out its’ H&S duties and also for reviewing safety matters in case situations change withinrepparttar 109305 school . This isrepparttar 109306 School Safety Management System (SMS) and Governors need to be part of this system. • The SMS needs to be used to manage safety actively as part ofrepparttar 109307 School’s normal operations. Having an SMS and operating it is part ofrepparttar 109308 normal work ofrepparttar 109309 school and should be accommodated in resources and budgets withinrepparttar 109310 school framework. The SMS isrepparttar 109311 framework within whichrepparttar 109312 school needs to address all its’ Health and Safety duties.

What arerepparttar 109313 main H&S duties forrepparttar 109314 school :

•Risk Assessment - The School needs assess all its’ risks and put control measures put in place to reduce them. This means that a Risk Assessment System needs to be part ofrepparttar 109315 school SMS. •Training - The H&S duties also mean thatrepparttar 109316 School needs to train and give information /instruction to its’ staff and some visitors. These H&S duties mean thatrepparttar 109317 school needs to be able to deem staff competent to play their part inrepparttar 109318 system. It also needs to deliver job specific training and/or instruction. •Policies and Procedures – The school needs to have a School health and Safety Policy and suitable procedures which should flow fromrepparttar 109319 risk assessments made. It is expected that all policies and procedures will be developed with input from, and consultation of ,staff. The Policy andrepparttar 109320 Procedures need to be available to staff and should be reviewed regularly. •Personal protective Equipment (PPE) – Flowing fromrepparttar 109321 school Risk Assessment System control measure will be identified and some of these e.g for school cleaning, will indicate that PPE needs to be used for some operations. The school needs to ensure thatrepparttar 109322 PPE is available, in good condition and that employees and pupils wear it and use it properly. •Managing Safety – The Head teacher and any Governing Body, whether it isrepparttar 109323 Employer or not, has a duty to ensure that safety is properly managed in school and this means : that a SMS is in place and works. that all Risk Assessments, Policies, Procedures etc are appropriate torepparttar 109324 specific circumstances ofrepparttar 109325 school.

What arerepparttar 109326 duties ofrepparttar 109327 Governors underrepparttar 109328 SMS ?

•Whether or notrepparttar 109329 Governing Body isrepparttar 109330 Employer it still carries out its’ duties by oversight ofrepparttar 109331 SMS and actively checks by monitoring and auditingrepparttar 109332 School SMS and ensures that it fitsrepparttar 109333 school’s circumstances. The Employer Governing Body as a dutyholder would haverepparttar 109334 additional legal responsibility of providing policies and specific procedures together with resources to manage safety. •The Regulations point out that it is good practice for a Governor to be appointed to have responsibility for Health and Safety and its’ management inrepparttar 109335 school. •Underrepparttar 109336 Regulations there is a requirement under Safety law for School Staff to be consulted . oA good way for this to happen is to enlist staff and pupils in a School Safety Committee which helps to run, and is part of,repparttar 109337 School SMS.

Accidents do happen?

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