Edith's Cake That Thrilled the French

Written by Janette Blackwell

Twenty-three chefs who cooked for world royalty and heads of state (The Club des Chefs des Chefs) were, during their 1987 visit torepparttar U.S., wined and dined withrepparttar 148902 best our finest chefs had to offer. What impressed them most? Lunch at an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, where they ate homegrown new potatoes, string beans with cream sauce and corn, charcoal-grilled chicken, and baked ham, washed down with homemade root beer and peppermint tea, served byrepparttar 148903 family in a barn lined with handmade quilts.

They were stunned. Happily so, it seems. The chef forrepparttar 148904 president of France said, “Cooking has evolved so much. Nobody presentsrepparttar 148905 true product as it is, and all of a sudden we were presented that.”

Butrepparttar 148906 desserts impressed them most. Especially one they couldn’t name. One they described as a light “pain d’epices” (spice cake) with a layer of chocolate filling. Gilles Brunner, chef to Prince Rainier of Monaco, was so taken withrepparttar 148907 cake, which he described as a chocolate gingerbread, that he tried to getrepparttar 148908 recipe. His request was refused.

The Amish family did not want their identity revealed, which refusal greatly hampered efforts to identifyrepparttar 148909 cake as well. Research by Phyllis Richman, then food editor ofrepparttar 148910 Washington Post, seemed to show thatrepparttar 148911 mystery dessert was Amish applesauce cake with chocolate frosting, andrepparttar 148912 Post printed a version of it contributed by Betty Groff, a cookbook author fromrepparttar 148913 Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Which applesauce cake turned out to be pretty much what our family had been enjoying since my father married Edith Kennedy in 1977, and which Edith’s family had been enjoying long before that. Her daughter, Lorenelle Doll, who gave merepparttar 148914 recipe, says that it was a favorite of my father and Lorenelle’s husband Arnie. (So far as I know, Edith didn’t actually feed any to a French chef.)

How to Brew Your Own Beer

Written by Bill Kaplan

Beer brewing has become increasingly popular because it produces a large amount of beer for a very little amount of money. There are three things to consider when brewing your own beer from home - equipment, ingredients and procedure.

Equipment Needed:Ingredients

•A 20 quart brew pot● Water •Large stirring spoon● Malted Barley •A basic tablespoon● Hops •Measuring cup● Yeast •Glass jar •Fermenter (plastic bucket) •Air lock • Sanitizer •Thermometer •Rolling pin


1.Preparingrepparttar Ingredients – Crushrepparttar 148871 malted barley into suitable sizes using your rolling pin. This will breakrepparttar 148872 grain into pieces and will extractrepparttar 148873 goodness ofrepparttar 148874 grain when it’s inserted into hot water.

2.Boilrepparttar 148875 Wort – The ingredients forrepparttar 148876 wort are mixed withrepparttar 148877 amount stated onrepparttar 148878 beer recipe. This is calledrepparttar 148879 “mash”. The mash is mixed together inrepparttar 148880 boiler and hot water is added. The mash is brought to a boil for approximately half an hour. Once it’s finished boiling, you must filter outrepparttar 148881 grains and addrepparttar 148882 hops. Boilingrepparttar 148883 hops will eliminate its bitter flavor. Boilrepparttar 148884 hops for approximately 10 minutes.

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