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Written by Richard Dean

To a large degree,repparttar desire to touch, hear and see is an almost instinctive reflex. We all fear making bad decisions. When we're about to make a purchase for instance, we need to collect as much information as possible prior to making that buying decision.

According to Dr. Ronald Marks, a University of Missouri marketing professor, studies claim that people learn up to 200% faster, pay 26% more attention and retain 38% more information with marketing messages and sales presentations that engage allrepparttar 108396 senses.

The more senses are engaged duringrepparttar 108397 evaluation stage,repparttar 108398 more information is sent torepparttar 108399 brain. Andrepparttar 108400 level of confidence one gains in making a buying decision is proportionate torepparttar 108401 amount of information collected. That's why, when we're about to make a purchase, our normal inclination is to grab, touch and feelrepparttar 108402 object we want to buy before we buy. It's simply human nature.

So, it makes perfect sense to give prospects as much information as possible --repparttar 108403 ability to see, touch and inspect our offering will increaserepparttar 108404 likelihood of getting them to do what we want them to do. But today, we're confronted with a major dilemma ...

... The Internet!

The lack of tangibility onrepparttar 108405 web impedes sales. And according to Forrester Research, "Many consumers are still hesitant to buy online because they want to see and 'touch' a product before they buy it." That's why online buying, while slowly onrepparttar 108406 rise, is still limited by people's inability to touch and feel a product.

"Accurate, photo-realistic 3D models help (because they) tellrepparttar 108407 whole story," adds Forrester. Intel Corporation recently revealed that, "3D graphics enhance a consumer's visual enjoyment of your website (since) they help convey information in a more compelling format, and they increase your website's so-called 'stickiness' by making your visitors want to return again and again."

The lesson is this: as an Internet business owner or marketer, you need to cater to people's natural buying behaviors. And in order to do so, you must mimic your visitors' offline shopping experience as much as possible. Fortunately, a solution exists.

The web, being a visual medium, offers yourepparttar 108408 ability to show pictures of your offerings as to give your customers something they can appreciate. Look at eBay, for example. Products that sellrepparttar 108409 most are usually those accompanied by pictures ofrepparttar 108410 offerings in question. In short, texts tell but pictures SELL!

If you can add a picture of your product (or one that represents your service or virtual product, even if it is never delivered in physical form), it helps to tantalize and compel your customers to act, respond or buy. With my businesses, for example, three- dimensional pictures have increased customer actions by 317%.

The House Of Print.Com

Written by Tony Dean

The House Of Print.Com

Publishing has always been a difficult business to promote successfully, which titles by which authors to promote, which genre, will it be fiction or non-fiction? Will they sell? Will they make money, both forrepparttar publisher and for repparttar 108395 author? So many questions which there is no definitive answer and sorepparttar 108396 publisher takes a chance with his money and his time and resources and decides on which books to publish, promote and distribute torepparttar 108397 bookshops. He may only distribute to bookshops in his own country and if they don't sell well enough, will not be seen by anyone else in repparttar 108398 world. What a loss to humankind and their quest for more knowledge to enhance their work, their lives. The fount of civilisations knowledge were always universities, libraries, and bookshops, and if publishers don't find it profitable to publish certain titles at all, to distribute to university libraries, and bookshops, then civilisation isrepparttar 108399 poorer. When I was young going through schoolrepparttar 108400 public library was a must to enhance my knowledge ofrepparttar 108401 world around me, it filledrepparttar 108402 gaps in my science, geography and literature lessons, and gave me new insight. I often gazed in awe atrepparttar 108403 rows of shelving containing allrepparttar 108404 worlds knowledge which had been written up by scientists, explorers, academics, and others, and oftentimes, you would have seen me taking an armful of books home to read at bedtime, anything from how atoms work, to famous authors tales of pirate treasure or tales of Victorian London. The young people of today have all this technology at hand, not only at school, but inrepparttar 108405 home as well, they are only a mouse click away torepparttar 108406 fount of knowledge, but in digital form onrepparttar 108407 internet. Many students believe that if a book is not onrepparttar 108408 internet it does not exist, and they would not waste time going around torepparttar 108409 local bookshop on their High Street to enquire about it. It behoves, therefore, all authors, publishers and booksellers,

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