Economical Use of Banner Ads On Your Web Site!

Written by Joe Reinbold

Ever go to a site and there were a dozen or so banners and it took forever forrepparttar page to load? If you are selling your own product or service or selling for affiliate programs that you belong to, you probably have banner ads available.

Most affiliate programs will have a good selection of promotional tools for you to use when you sign up. Banners are usually one ofrepparttar 101183 tools that you are given. If you are trying to develop multiple income streams you probably are associated with a number of affiliate programs like we are. Some can be for products, some for services and some may be network marketing type programs. Plus as I mentioned earlier, you may also have your own products/services too.

No matter whatrepparttar 101184 type of program or product you are offering,repparttar 101185 one thing that you want to do is get exposure for them so you get sales or member sign ups. For purposes of this discussion let's say you are associated with eight such programs or products.

So here you have eight different banners you want to get prospects to click on to increase your income stream. What do you do? Do you place eight different banners on your web page? I wouldn't! First it doesn't look very professional to have a page cluttered up with eight to ten different banners. Secondly, it will probably make your page load very slowly and you will then create what I call "click aways", when someone is waiting for your page to load and it takes so long that they just click another link to another site.

What'srepparttar 101186 solution? Get yourself a rotating banner script. You can get it free and it really isn't that hard to set up. What is a rotating banner script? The one we use is a cgi based script which allows you to load as many banners into it as you want to rotate and place a short one line of html code on your page. Each time a new visitor goes to your page a new banner comes up automatically. If you want to see one in action, go to one of our pages at: The banner onrepparttar 101187 top ofrepparttar 101188 page is on a rotating script. Letrepparttar 101189 banner load and then hit your browser "refresh" button and you will see another banner come up in its place. Repeat it as many times as you want, and it will randomly select a new banner fromrepparttar 101190 twelve or so we have loaded intorepparttar 101191 script.

Beyond Scientific Advertising

Written by John Colanzi

Scientific Advertising. Sounds so professional. Maybe I can be another Einstein.

Move closer, I want to tell you a secret. I'm not a scientific marketer.


Because I don't like limiting myself to one side of my brain. I'm not good at filling inrepparttar little paint by numbers sets and keepingrepparttar 101182 colors withinrepparttar 101183 lines.

Besidesrepparttar 101184 art of marketing is much more fun.

Scientific advertising is a starting point on your road to success. There's more to becoming a successful marketer than you've been told.

When you first start marketing online you're standing on repparttar 101185 newbie side ofrepparttar 101186 river, looking across atrepparttar 101187 3 to 5% who become successful online entrepreneurs.

Scientific Advertising isrepparttar 101188 boat to help you reachrepparttar 101189 other side. This is where you learnrepparttar 101190 basics. On your ride acrossrepparttar 101191 river you develop:

<> Patience

<> Persistence

<> A Positive Mental Attitude

<> Basic Marketing Skills

Duringrepparttar 101192 crossing 95 to 98 % ofrepparttar 101193 passengers abandon ship. They arerepparttar 101194 ones screaming:

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