Ecommerce: A New Artform

Written by Rob Spiegel

What creative project do you have inrepparttar back of your mind? Writing that novel? Putting together a bluegrass band? Paintingrepparttar 109021 sunsets overrepparttar 109022 Rio Grande? How about starting a business?

When you think ofrepparttar 109023 term creative endeavor, does launching or running a business come to mind? To most creative people, business isrepparttar 109024 antithesis of creativity. Yet slowly, ever so slowly,repparttar 109025 nature of business is changing. The need for innovation in business is gradually overtakingrepparttar 109026 need for control asrepparttar 109027 resource that makesrepparttar 109028 difference between success and failure.

Really? But isn't business essentially about control? Controlling resources and controlling people? Yes, but business is also about innovation and communication, both of which live atrepparttar 109029 heart of creativity.

There are two reasons why I believe creativity will become increasingly valued in business. Control is certainly critical in business, both resources and people need to be managed carefully. But control is easier to teach than innovation. Given an equal need for both innovation and control, control is repparttar 109030 easier skill or talent to find and implement. Thus innovation rises in value because it's more difficult to find and utilize effectively.

Are innovation and control equal needs? They certainly haven't been inrepparttar 109031 past. Control has beenrepparttar 109032 leading force in business sincerepparttar 109033 beginning of repparttar 109034 industrial age. That age has ended however, and we now live in an service-based information world of commerce. This meansrepparttar 109035 resource that needs to be controlled is more likely to be information rather than, say, coal. Information can be managed easily across electronic wiring and storage media. That means important work of business will be creating and disseminating information, and that requires a creative mind.

The other reason I believe creativity will rise in importance in business is that in our information-based economy,repparttar 109036 resources required for business are fewer and less costly. If you can run a storefront onrepparttar 109037 Internet that can reach millions acrossrepparttar 109038 globe, you don't need capital to build a store that sits in a city and reaches thousands. The juice it takes to makerepparttar 109039 Internet company successful is not capital so much asrepparttar 109040 creative ability to reach and build a customer base over an infrastructure that's effectively free.

10 Super Tips For The Budding Online Entrepreneur

Written by Patrick Ravi

Five Percent of online entrepreneurs make things happen while ninety five percent wait for things to happen. But what are some ofrepparttar things that do make things happen for you online.

Here are 10 points that one should keep in mind when trying to generate income from an online home based business.

1. Customer need

Find out who is your hot target market. And promote them your products or services. But promote products or services that they need or want. There is an easy strategy that you can use, to find out what your market wants. The idea is to visit as many discussion groups or forums. Selectrepparttar 109020 forums that your hot target group visits. Check-up what is being asked allrepparttar 109021 time. Another idea , would be to readrepparttar 109022 best seller list. This too is an excellent way to find out what people want and need. Below are a few Discussion Forums that you can visit: alk.cgi

2. Headlines

Let me ask you a question. When readingrepparttar 109023 newspaper or browsing through books, what do you read first especially when you are in a hurry. You guess it right,repparttar 109024 headlines. Do you know that your online visitor is also in a hurry? In many countries they have to pay high rates for their Internet connections. And when they reach your website, they will look for what attracts them. And if your headline on your website or ezine is compelling, they will stop to read further. To read some famous headlines , check out :

3. Keep Visitor / Reader focused

All of us at times haverepparttar 109025 tendency to focus on ourselves. Our minds dwells on, what we want to say, whatrepparttar 109026 prospect would think about us, what we are going to have for lunch etc etc. The hard fact is that, your online visitor is not interested in anything that does not benefit him/her. Your prospect has many things on his/her mind too. For instance he/she has fears, weakness, concerns, needs.Remember all these when trying to promote your products.

4. Dealing with a Real Person

We are not dealing with computers or gigabytes. You and I are real people usingrepparttar 109027 Internet as a vehicle to relate, discuss, improve and ifrepparttar 109028 opportunity arises , to even sell our products and services online. For anyone who has been sincere all their lives offline, don't change, berepparttar 109029 same person online. Online or offlinerepparttar 109030 Golden Rule still applies. With some exceptions, treat peoplerepparttar 109031 way you would like them to treat you.

5. Your visitors need to be reminded

It is vital to follow-up. In our opinion, one ofrepparttar 109032 greatest tool forrepparttar 109033 online entrepreneur isrepparttar 109034 smart auto responder.A follow-up vehicle that you can set-up in minutes. And presto! you have automated an important part of your business that can increase your sales 50 -100% , some even claim 300 - 400%.Marketing research shows that onrepparttar 109035 average your prospect has to be exposed to your message at least 7 times before buying. For Free smart Auto responders check out:

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