Ebooks, what are they?

Written by Darrell Mutz

Ebooks are just like any other book, withoutrepparttar paper. They help us in recycling. The more ebooks there arerepparttar 108438 fewer trees we cut down. It seems we continually here of how bad our environment is. This is one step to doing something about it. You donít haverepparttar 108439 wasted energy and pollutants of machinery to cut down trees andrepparttar 108440 manufacturing plants. Go ahead and breath in that fresh air.

They also take up less space or should we say give us more space on our bookshelves! Think ofrepparttar 108441 books in your home, a friendís house, your parentís, etc. If you could take all of those books, put them in your computer wouldnít it be cool? Think of how many times you or someone you know says only if I had more shelf space or storage. Ebooks torepparttar 108442 rescue! Iím not saying throw out those old books or donít buy anymore new ones, Iím just saying if you could get what you want in an ebook what would it hurt?

Ebooks are for everyone. You can get sports ebooks, home business, cooking, fitness, business, marketing, how-tos, resource, society, culture andrepparttar 108443 list goes on. Some are already in different languages. Ebooks are very affordable to. Some come with a feature to where you can upgrade them or get a new version for free. Have a hard time seeing, just enlargerepparttar 108444 text or zoom in. If you were a space alien there would be an ebook for you.

The Problem With E-Books

Written by David Coyne

One ofrepparttar most popular online ventures is selling e-books. People are hungry for information; thatís why theyíre onrepparttar 108437 Web inrepparttar 108438 first place. And e-books are cheap to produce and distribute.

However, Iíve come across quite a few new online entrepreneurs thinking theyíre going to strike it rich selling a $20 or $30 e-book. Theyíve failed to do some simple math.

Suppose you sell an e-book for $30. Deduct $5 off your $30 sell price to account for advertising and other costs. That leaves you with $25. Youíd have to sell 1,000 copies a year to make $25,000. Thatís a lot of copies! Even if you did sell that many, 25 grand isnít exactly going to put you on Easy Street.

Another factor is competition. Many e-books with resell rights have also be purchased by hundreds, possibly thousands, of competitors.

And if youíre selling an e-book as an affiliate, youíre usually limited to 50% or less ofrepparttar 108439 sell price.

The key to making large amounts of money selling information products is that you need resell rights for at least one higher priced item.

Say you have duplication rights to a product that sells for $400. If you sold just 6 copies of this product a month, youíd be pulling in $2,400 in sales. Thatís $28,800 a year. If you sold 12 a month, youíd make $57,600 a year. Sell 24 a month and youíre raking in $115,200 a year.

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