Ebook Formats (HTML)

Written by Shelley Lowery

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) formatted ebooks are simply a group of web pages compressed into one .exe file for distribution. HTML ebooks are completely interactive withrepparttar Internet and can be as simple or dynamic as you'd like. Your HTML files can contain live links, graphics, forms, JavaScript, embedded video, and more. You can easily create a dynamic presentation utilizingrepparttar 108491 latest technology.

Ebooks formatted in HTML are basically designed just like a website. They can contain an unlimited number of pages that are navigated via hyperlinks. Unlike ebooks formatted in PDF,repparttar 108492 design of an HTML ebook is only limited by your imagination.

Depending uponrepparttar 108493 type of HTML compiler you purchase, HTML formatted ebooks can have customizable fields that will enable your users to customize fields you specify. This technology can enable you to provide your affiliates with an ebook they can use as a sales tool to sell your products and services. Your affiliates can haverepparttar 108494 ability to customize your ebook with their affiliate ID and earn commissions simply by givingrepparttar 108495 ebook away.

HTML files can be distributed inrepparttar 108496 following ways:

- Internet download - CD-ROM


- Complete control over your ebook's look and feel.

- Completely interactive withrepparttar 108497 Internet.

- Software very reasonably priced starting at $30.00

- Most compilation software is easy to use.

- A wide variety of ebook compilers to choose from.


- Users must haverepparttar 108498 ability to run "Windows" programs.

- Users must have Internet Explorer 4.0+ installed on their computer.


E-ditor (Recommended) http://www.web-source.net/cgi-bin/web/jump.cgi?ID=2884

his is a nice ebook compiler that includes a step by step interface that will guide you throughrepparttar 108499 entire process. Unlike other programs, this compiler comes with five "skins" to enable your ebooks to have a unique look. It also includes a pop-up message box that loads prior to your ebook loading when your ebook is launched. This box can contain system requirements, copyrights or whatever text you'd like.

Cost: $97.00

Ebook Edit Pro (Highly Recommended) http://www.web-source.net/cgi-bin/web/jump.cgi?ID=2894

This is a great ebook compiler. Not only is it easy to use, but it also includes a pop-up message box that loads prior to your ebook loading. In addition, you can display your own product icon and selectrepparttar 108500 buttons you would like to be displayed such as, navigational, print and home buttons. It also has an added feature that enables you to include an affiliate ID within every ebook you create and make money for referral sales. As an added bonus for purchasing this great compiler, you will also receive an "eBrand-It" software that will enable you to set up special fields so that your affiliates can customize your ebook. A free demo is available. This is a great compile. Cost: $87.50

How To Write An Ebook, One Article At A Time

Written by John Colanzi

It's amazing how long it took me to start my first ebook I didn't think of myself as an author.

I knew that information was creating a fortune for others, but who was I to think I could write a book?

I knew allrepparttar reasons to do it. The task just seemed so daunting.

I started out writing and submitting articles. It didn't seem as hard, although sometimesrepparttar 108490 words came slow.

The old story of use it or lose it is so true. Once I started getting some positive feedback, I could feel a shift in my thinking.

The more I wroterepparttar 108491 easier it got. As my articles began to circulaterepparttar 108492 feedback began to increase.

Maybe I am a writer!

Web sites and newsletters starting picking up my articles and some ezines were publishing everything I submitted.

I started writing more articles, and they started becoming easier to write. It was an ever increasing cycle.

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