Ebook Design (PDF)

Written by Shelley Lowery

Once you have decided uponrepparttar best format for your ebook, your next step will berepparttar 108494 design process. No matter which format you choose, one ofrepparttar 108495 most important factors in determining your ebook's overall success is your presentation. Your ebook should not only look professional in design, but should also be well organized and easily navigated. In addition, your ebook should include images that will enhance its appearance and compliment your subject matter.

Although you can design your ebook using an application of your choice, forrepparttar 108496 purpose of this article, we will focus on designing your ebook with Microsoft Word.

When you purchase and install Adobe Acrobat, a shortcut button will be added to your Microsoft Word toolbar. This button will enable you to instantly convert your word document into a PDF document.

When you begin designing your ebook, think of each page you create as a page of a book, because that's exactly what it is. Your ebook is a book in electronic format. Althoughrepparttar 108497 structure of your ebook may vary, here is a basic guideline to assist you:

Opening Page

The first page of your ebook will represent your book cover. It should contain an image or logo that will compliment your ebook. This page should also include your ebook's title, followed by an opening statement.


The next portion of your ebook may contain a Foreword with information in regard to your copyrights, disclaimers or other important information.


Your Foreword may be followed by instructional information in regard to using your ebook, such as navigation. Your instructions might include an overview of how to navigate your ebook and even some screenshots.

Table of Contents

A Table of Contents will assist your readers in easily locating each section of your ebook.

When writing your text in Microsoft Word, you are provided with a number of options to assist you in formatting your pages in a specific layout. This powerful program will not only enable you to insert page numbers, headers, footers, borders and images, but it will also create your Table of Contents for you.

Creating Your Table of Contents will be one of your last steps in designing your ebook. In order for Microsoft Word to create your Table of Contents, you must first apply specific heading styles torepparttar 108498 chapter headings that you would like to be displayed within your Table of Contents.

To add a style to your chapter headings, highlight your text and click onrepparttar 108499 style drop-down box onrepparttar 108500 left side of your toolbar and select Heading1. You can edit your Heading1 style to display your heading inrepparttar 108501 font and size of your choice.

If you would like to display any subtitles beneath your titles, simply followrepparttar 108502 same procedure above. However, instead of selecting Heading1, select Heading2 and so on.

To build your Table of Contents, click onrepparttar 108503 page where you would like to insert your Table of Contents. Click on "Insert" then on "Index and Tables" and selectrepparttar 108504 Table of Contents tab. Select your preferred format and Word will instantly create your Table of Contents.

Accepting Ebook Payment

Written by Shelley Lowery

Once you've completed your ebook and have takenrepparttar necessary steps to protect your work, your next step will be to set up an online payment system.

Don't let this process intimidate you, as it is much easier than you may think. There are many professional companies onrepparttar 108493 Internet that will assist you. If you'd like to get your own merchant account, you can do so right online. If you'd rather not have your own merchant account, there are companies online that will process your orders for you.

Merchant Accounts

If you decide to get your own merchant account, you will also need access to a secure server and a shopping cart system. A secure server will protect your customers information. A shopping cart system will provide your customer with a running total of what they have ordered andrepparttar 108494 total cost.

The following websites can provide you with a merchant account:

Total Merchant Services (TMS) http://www.web-source.net/cgi-bin/web/jump.cgi?ID=2332

This outstanding company comes highly recommended by Corey Rudl -- author ofrepparttar 108495 #1 selling online marketing course, "Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business onrepparttar 108496 Internet."

The TMS Merchant account, for Internet transactions, will enable you to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. They offer two merchant processing software packages to choose from. The first package isrepparttar 108497 TotalPay powered by Authorize.Net™ Virtual Terminal. This package will enable you to authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions from any computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser. This package ordinarily runs $995, but for a limited time is being offered for only $397. The second package isrepparttar 108498 TotalPay powered by Authorize.Net™ Virtual Terminal that includesrepparttar 108499 Total Merchant Manager Shopping Cart. This package includes everythingrepparttar 108500 first package includes, plus all ofrepparttar 108501 following:

- Customizable Shopping Cart System - UPS Shipping Module - Links to Virtual Terminal - Free Initial Installation

Their discount rate is 2.4% and $0.35 per transaction fee. Monthly fees include a $10 monthly statement fee and a $10 gateway fee that includes secure, online, real-time credit card and e-cheque processing and only applies to merchants processing transactions through their Internet payment gateway.

NRWW Commerce http://nrww.com/merchant_account.shtml

This powerful Internet-based software provides secure, real-time transaction credit card processing. The Virtual Terminal feature enables merchants to authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions from any computer with an Internet connection and a Web browser. This software package runs $179.95.

Their discount rate is 2.25% and $0.30 per transaction fee. Monthly fees include a $5 monthly statement fee and a $15 secure gateway fee.

Third Party Credit Card Processors

If you'd rather not have your own merchant account, third party credit card processors will process your credit card orders for you. There are usually no monthly fees. They charge a "per transaction" fee and send you payment for all of your orders processed, minus their fee and a reserve fee. A reserve fee is withheld to cover and charge backs you may have. If you have no charge backs within a period of time, your reserve will be refunded to you. Each company has their own guidelines in regard to reserves.

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