Eating Instinctively

Written by Laura Ciocan

I start fromrepparttar premise that eating instinctively means eating healthily. I strongly believe thatrepparttar 131422 body hasrepparttar 131423 capability of transmittingrepparttar 131424 brain accurate information regarding its nutrition necessities: a moderate amount of food, and only foods that are benefic for health.

The problem is that most of these natural eating instincts are lost onrepparttar 131425 way. Usually, duringrepparttar 131426 growing process, adults project their unhealthy habits on children, offering them a range of foods that are not always best choices. As adults, we have formed our eating habits, more or less healthy and usually worry about our children's eating habits, but their instinct is often correct.

My theory has as starting point my own experience as a child, when I recall rejecting foods that I found too greasy or too deeply fried. Observing babies and children behaviour towards feeding might give us an idea about what eating instinctively means. Small children that did not haverepparttar 131427 time to get influenced by adults, haverepparttar 131428 natural eating instinct unspoiled. Contrary to adults' opinion about eating, they want to eat many smaller meals and only when they are hungry.

To support my thesis, I resort torepparttar 131429 recommendation made by specialists in baby nutrition who advise on feeding babies at request, not forcing a program on them, thus a meals program will be generated by their inner scheduler according to their needs.

So, from children we learn that one should eat when hungry and inrepparttar 131430 amount striclty required by body necessities, not driven by social cues such as eating out with friends even if not hungry or taking a lunch break just because it's noon.


Written by Diana Keuilian

Weight loss is a hot topic among people today, especially consideringrepparttar fact that more than half of us are overweight. As we get older we often get busier, and before we know it, find ourselves inrepparttar 131419 prime of our lives and packing a few extra pounds. With so little extra time in our lives it is impractical to joinrepparttar 131420 latest diet fad or commit to sweating inrepparttar 131421 gym for hours at a time. Are we all destined to grow outward with each passing year, or is there a simple way for us to reclaim our healthy figures? If you struggle with your own battle ofrepparttar 131422 bulge read on for five sure-fire ways to drop a few of those unwanted pounds, and more importantly learn how you can prevent packing them inrepparttar 131423 first place!

TIP #1: Burn it inrepparttar 131424 AM What isrepparttar 131425 first thing you do when you wake each morning? Hitrepparttar 131426 snooze button for an extra ten minutes of sleep? What if I told you that taking those ten minutes to strap on your sneakers and walk briskly aroundrepparttar 131427 block would result in weight loss? It has been proven that aerobic activity done on an empty stomach forces your body to recruit energy from storage. This energy is stored inrepparttar 131428 form of fat on various parts of your body. Starting tomorrow take ten minutes out of your morning to walk briskly aroundrepparttar 131429 block before breakfast. Do not sprint or try to walk as quickly as possible, simply walk at a pace that you could comfortably hold a conversation. This seemly small activity, when done consistently, will produce surprising weight loss results!

TIP #2 Forget Your Late Night Snack I know I am notrepparttar 131430 only one who enjoys eating a snack after dinner! Although comfort food seems to taste better right before bed, it is also more prone to stick with us when eaten late at night. It has been proven that not eating three hours before bed reduces fat storage throughoutrepparttar 131431 night. If you go to bed at 10pm, finish eating forrepparttar 131432 day no later than 7pm. Once you have made this a habit you will be ecstatic overrepparttar 131433 long term weight loss!

TIP #3 Kiss that Frappuccino Goodbye What tastes better than a frothy, venti frappuccino smothered in whip cream and chocolate syrup? While blended coffee beverages have rapidly gained popularity withrepparttar 131434 masses, their caloric tallies have been all but ignored. Whether you are an avid Starbucker, or only wander in for an occasional treat, it is important to knowrepparttar 131435 truth about what you are drinking. The average Venti sized frappuccino weighs in at 530 calories. This staggering number equals 2.5 bagels, or one third ofrepparttar 131436 recommended daily calories for an average woman. Not only is this an extreme amount of calories to be consumed in a beverage butrepparttar 131437 calories come purely from sugar, which is easily stored as fat. Next time you are in line atrepparttar 131438 coffee shop and find yourself eyeing a sugary beverage, redirect your attention torepparttar 131439 tea selection, or stick with an old fashion cup of coffee.

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