Eating Habits And Disorders

Written by James Harison

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating gives us good strength for daily work and new energy flows inrepparttar body. Healthy eating means thatrepparttar 139982 eating pyramid containsrepparttar 139983 balance of all nutrition in it which is essential forrepparttar 139984 body. Variety of food is important for a healthy diet because single food never fulfillrepparttar 139985 quality of a healthy diet.

A healthy diet isrepparttar 139986 combination of fruits, dairy, protein and vegetable. There is no problem forrepparttar 139987 person who is able to eat non vegetarian food to gain a healthy diet. Variety of food is more important when a person prefers vegetarian food. Because vegetarian sometimes do not get enough protein and other vitamins like zinc and iron which is mostly found inrepparttar 139988 meat. Healthy diet for women includes more calcium and iron compare torepparttar 139989 healthy diet for man.

Eating Disorder

Eating disorder meansrepparttar 139990 extreme expression of food by man and woman. The Eating disorder meansrepparttar 139991 behavior and attitude related to eating. Eating disorder includes compulsive overeating and anorexia nervosa.

Symptoms of Compulsive Overeating:

Laser Eye Surgery: To Opt or Not to Opt...

Written by Mike Spencer

Copyright 2005 Octocat Ltd

If you're suffering from diminished eyesight in any capacity, there's a whole parcel of feelings that go along withrepparttar possibilities of eventual loss of sight versusrepparttar 139827 risks of undergoingrepparttar 139828 treatments that are necessary to correctrepparttar 139829 problem.

When consideringrepparttar 139830 delicate nature ofrepparttar 139831 eye, many people makerepparttar 139832 decision to put off corrective treatment untilrepparttar 139833 situation becomes dire - or is no longer able to be treated effectively.

Laser eye surgery - now quite common as a form of treatment for eye disorders - is one ofrepparttar 139834 first options that many folks look toward when they've maderepparttar 139835 decision to pursue treatment and reclaim their ability to see clearly.

Weigh your options

While there are pros and cons involved in such a treatment plan, it's worthy of a thorough investigation before making such a weighty decision. There are a number of things that should be looked into, and you should feel comfortable withrepparttar 139836 information that you uncover before attempting to take such a leap.

Here then, are a few safety and risk factors that are involved in laser eye surgery that you may find helpful in your quest for information.

Which type of treatment is right for you?

There are two main types of laser eye surgery procedures that are currently available: Lasik and CustomCornea.

The difference betweenrepparttar 139837 two is that CustomCornea utilizes newer technologies to accomplish what Lasik surgery can provide and, in either case, there are safety risks that may be involved. These may include serious complications which may result in decreased or lost vision, and there are those who would not be considered as candidates for such a treatment.

Included among those are:

individuals who are pregnant or nursing

underrepparttar 139838 age of 21

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