Easy Way to Troubleshoot Pump Problems

Written by Thomas Yoon

In any problem analysis, we have to specifyrepparttar problem, check whether there is any deviation fromrepparttar 133419 normal condition, identifyrepparttar 133420 possible causes, evaluaterepparttar 133421 possible causes and then confirmrepparttar 133422 true cause.

Pumps or other machinery will give tell tale signs when they are not working properly. An observant pump user will be able to avoid major breakdowns or damage ifrepparttar 133423 problem is corrected early.

In order to solve any pump problem, we need to noticerepparttar 133424 symptoms carefully so as to determinerepparttar 133425 most likely causes. Instruments like pressure gauges are very helpful and should be installed inrepparttar 133426 pumping system.

Very often we do have to rely on our 5 senses to pinpointrepparttar 133427 exact symptom. Normally, pump problems can be classified into Suction Related, System Related, or Mechanical Related. It can also be a combination of these.

Most ofrepparttar 133428 system related problems occur because of design flaw. For example,repparttar 133429 designer may have chosenrepparttar 133430 wrong pump whose characteristic does not matchrepparttar 133431 system requirement. Suction related problems are usually caused by air lock that are due to a variety of reasons...

The effects of mechanical related problems could manifest themselves as suction related problems - air leaks inrepparttar 133432 system, worn out impellers, and mouth rings - butrepparttar 133433 most common symptom isrepparttar 133434 presence of vibration and abnormal noise inrepparttar 133435 equipment.

DiagnoPump, pump troubleshooter has been created for pump users and sellers to help them findrepparttar 133436 solution quickly. Arranged so that repparttar 133437 easiest (and often overlooked) causes are examined first, it could be a very useful tool.

If you are a beginner, you can startrepparttar 133438 troubleshooting fromrepparttar 133439 very first steps. More experienced users may want to start from repparttar 133440 later stages inrepparttar 133441 symptom list. The symptoms have been identified to make it easy to zero in onrepparttar 133442 correct ones. The symptoms have been arranged as:

Google Wants a Place on Your Desktop

Written by John Calder

2004, John Calder http://www.TheEzine.net

Some time ago, Microsoft announced that desktop based search was going to be integrated into future releases of their Windows operating system.

Knowing this, search-engine mover & shaker Google has released a beta version of their Google Desktop Search software. It's available for download now, and with it, you will be able to search files on your computer, including your email, web pages viewed, saved chat sessions, Excel, Powerpoint, and Word documents, and text and HTML files. The application runs continuously in your computer's memory, scanning and indexing new documents as they arrive through email or as they are created or copied on to your system. It's available only for Windows 2000 SP 3 and Windows XP systems right now, and requires 500MB of disk space.

There are some big limitations. Hopefully Google will improve in this area as they continue development of this software. For example, Desktop Search can only read email in Outlook or Outlook Express. Though Outlook does indeed have a large market share among email clients, surely Google realizes that a large number of people are moving towards other email clients that may not be as susceptible to email-borne security flaws. The same applies to cached web pages - right now, you can only search those viewed with Internet Explorer 5 or greater, while growing numbers of surfers are moving to maturing alternative browsers such as Mozilla and Opera.

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