Easy Tips for Healthy Pets

Written by Dr George W Graham

Easy Tips for Healthy Pets (c) 2005 Dr GW Graham

Do you want a long and healthy life for your pets?

There are things in our pets' environments that can rob them of precious health and long life. I'm not talking about cars accidents and mean kids inrepparttar neighborhood. I'm talking about things insiderepparttar 125757 home. Things like:

1) Food Food is meant to be good tasting and good for you. The same applies to our pets. Unfortunately, both people food and pet food are full of stuff. And most of this stuff isn't found growing naturally.

Manufacturers have takenrepparttar 125758 place of growers and cooks. To make foods taste better things are added.

To make foods last forever onrepparttar 125759 store shelf, things are added. For example, tomatoes are now designed to look good after a long trip torepparttar 125760 store. They are not grown to be nutritious and safe.

On TV we see reports about how additives, preservatives and stuff are making our children unhealthy. The same thing applies to our pets' food.

Preservatives keep food fresh by alteringrepparttar 125761 DNA ofrepparttar 125762 creatures living onrepparttar 125763 food. What do these preservatives do torepparttar 125764 DNA ofrepparttar 125765 child or pet eating them?

See where I'm going?

Altered hormones, cell mutations (cancer), sickness !!!

The only way to minimize this stuff in our pet's food is to makerepparttar 125766 food ourselves. There are recipes all overrepparttar 125767 web forrepparttar 125768 kitchen literate.

http://www.simplypets.com http://www.bullwrinkle.com

Most people don't haverepparttar 125769 time to make their pet's food and treats. There are places where good wholesome pet foods can be purchased.

http://www.waggintails.com http://www.healthypetnet.com http://GrandPaGraham.com

The Artful Dog Shopper

Written by Tina Spriggs

I am a dog lover by nature. I have just always lovedrepparttar little four legged fur balls.

Another thing I have always loved is animal art. It could be photographs, paintings, statues or even dog cartoons.

I don't really know why I like them, but I do. I've noticed there are a lot of other animal art lovers out there too. It seems to be a natural connection.

People with children often have a ton of pictures of thier children. People with pets are not that different. They seerepparttar 125756 beauty in animals and want to have it to look at.

So how can we take this knowledge and turn it into a great gift idea? Well, there are a few different things that come to mind here.

One I like is getting a great picture ofrepparttar 125757 dog you love and converting it to a black and white picture, then framing it and putting an inscription onrepparttar 125758 frame.

Now this can be done from you torepparttar 125759 pet owner, on behalf ofrepparttar 125760 dog, with something like. "John, I'll always be your loyal friend. Love, Rocky."

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