Easter Lilies, and the Number One Gardening Question Right Now

Written by Doug Green

Everybody asks about Easter lilies! Can they go outside; can I plant them in my garden? And to this I reply, "Why not?" Like other bulbs,there are two options if you plant your leftover Easter lily bulbs - either they will live and flower for many years (it is perfectly hardy into zone 4) or they will immediately die. If you don't plantrepparttar bulb, it will definitely die. So you have nothing to lose by planting. Oncerepparttar 113311 Easter lily bloom has faded inrepparttar 113312 house, cutrepparttar 113313 stem back as far as you can. Growrepparttar 113314 plant in a sunny windowsill, keeping it moist (not sopping) and feed weekly with houseplant food. After all danger of frost has passed wherever you live, you can plant it outdoors. Planting outdoors is as easy as digging a hole and planting so thatrepparttar 113315 top ofrepparttar 113316 bulb will be three inches belowrepparttar 113317 surface. Add a shovel of compost and a shovel of peat moss torepparttar 113318 planting hole and ensurerepparttar 113319 soil is well loosened. Remember it is necessary to dig a large enough hole to spreadrepparttar 113320 lily roots out and to ensure it is at least eighteen inches from another plant. Placerepparttar 113321 bulb inrepparttar 113322 bottom ofrepparttar 113323 planting hole and backfillrepparttar 113324 soil up torepparttar 113325 neck ofrepparttar 113326 bulb Ė do not coverrepparttar 113327 green leaves. Coveringrepparttar 113328 green leaves at this time could rot them. Wait untilrepparttar 113329 leaves have turned yellow and faded before totally filling inrepparttar 113330 hole. After you've plantedrepparttar 113331 bulb, water it thoroughly. Carefully water and turnrepparttar 113332 area into a mudhole so no air spaces are left aroundrepparttar 113333 bulb.

How to Use Color in Your Perennial Garden

Written by Jeff Pozniak

Just like most things in life, beauty is inrepparttar eye ofrepparttar 113310 beholder. If purple blooms put a smile on your face, then you should most definitely use plants with purple blooms. The same is true for any color you find pleasing. There are different disciplines to pull from when trying to decide on color choices, but those disciplines speak in generalities; your own personal experiences mold your tastes into something unique, something your own, something a text or curriculum canít possibly pinpoint.

That being said, one ofrepparttar 113311 disciplines I like to pull from often, especially when it comes to color choices, is Feng Shui. While Iím not part ofrepparttar 113312 Feng Shui orthodoxy,repparttar 113313 design and layout lessons Iíve taken from Feng Shui are fundamentally grounded in sound design. They can be used inside and outsiderepparttar 113314 home, no matter if you have each and every room aligned to maximize itís chi (energy), or you just want to make a garden space more appealing.

For example, a Ďroomí (defined by either an indoor or outdoor space) with metal energy tends to be very clean and structured. Some colors that are considered to have metal energy are white, silver and gold. And in my opinion, some lighter blues, when considering plant blooms, could be grouped with those colors as well. Metal energy tends to allow for clear and concise thinking andrepparttar 113315 carrying out and completion of tasks.

On a much smaller scale, when I finish a landscape design and want to beginrepparttar 113316 next design, I need some ofrepparttar 113317 cleansing effects of metal energy. I remove every template, pencil, eraser bag and architect's scale from my drafting table and I wipe downrepparttar 113318 table. Iím left with a stark white table, and with that I am able to lay down a new piece of vellum and washrepparttar 113319 previous design from my mind and begin to get involved withrepparttar 113320 next space Iíll design. I find that structure andrepparttar 113321 absence of color leaves my imagination open to consider new design possibilities.

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