Earthquake Diplomacy

Written by Arthur Zulu

Earthquake Diplomacy Relief materials cannot bring peace (Satire)

It is good to send aid to quake victims. But it cannot stoprepparttar terrorists andrepparttar 126005 nukes.

Whatrepparttar 126006 people of Bam didn't suffer inrepparttar 126007 hands ofrepparttar 126008 leaders ofrepparttar 126009 'rogue state' of Iran, was inflicted on them by an earthquake. Sorepparttar 126010 city of about 80,000 souls had her population reduced by half byrepparttar 126011 fateful hand of 'nature.' But I am not going to talk of miracles. Likerepparttar 126012 unearthing of a man in a closet after two weeks. No,repparttar 126013 doctors had better explain that.

I am only interested in how this member ofrepparttar 126014 infamous 'Axis of Evil' suddenly becamerepparttar 126015 beloved country afterrepparttar 126016 disaster.

Not that this wasrepparttar 126017 only sin of Iran. Back inrepparttar 126018 day,repparttar 126019 country had taken hostage of Americans. This Islamic state had also been guilty of gross human rights violations. And it is fingered to be hiding nukes--make it weapons of mass destruction. This is besidesrepparttar 126020 several alleged terrorists' hideouts in that 'outlaw regime.' But now, thank God forrepparttar 126021 earthqake. Because what man would neither achieve by declaringrepparttar 126022 Year of Peace nor by praying for peace in Rome, is going to be brought about byrepparttar 126023 maddening ofrepparttar 126024 earth.

There was general sympathy for Iran afterrepparttar 126025 quake. Allrepparttar 126026 country's enemies came to her rescue. Even one of her obdurate enemies sent large sums of money, relief materials and disaster management experts to Iran. That country even planned to send a high level representatio to Iran, but this was randomly rebuffed.

The UN was not left inrepparttar 126027 show of suppport. It has already gone up cap in hand begging for millions of dollars to help Iran. Perhaps, this prodigal son will gain sanity and return someday. Who knows. Perhaps even Iraq would be a better place to live afterrepparttar 126028 hanging of Saddam who was found hiding in a spider holerepparttar 126029 other day. Who knows. Perhaps North Korea would stop playing hide and seek, and start playing ball someday--like Lybia. Who Knows. And then we would hold hands together and start shouting, Peace and Security!

Two Party Madness

Written by Ed Howes

Mathematics suggests that a two party political system should be twice as good as a one party system. The reality is multiplication. One times one = two. A couple, dancing as one. Republicrats and Democans in a blurring identity crisis.

The disenfranchised sit out this dance and pray for miracles. We ignore a simple and obvious political solution and exit fromrepparttar two party merry- go- round. Letrepparttar 126004 disenfranchised vote for no other than third party candidates forrepparttar 126005 next twenty years, or however long it takes to be rid of this two party abomination.

How many of today's Democrats and Republicans would be so if they believed any third party candidate had a near equal chance of election? Instead of using political gangs or machines to dominaterepparttar 126006 world with ideas that belong to a bloody past, why not try to getrepparttar 126007 most reasonable, intelligent and ethical leadership from all these relatively unknown and unadvertised political parties? The fact that third parties and their platforms are relatively obscure, is proof of a woefully ignorant electorate that will continue to chooserepparttar 126008 perceived lesser of two evils when good is a clear option.

Why isn'trepparttar 126009 Public Broadcasting Corporation tellingrepparttar 126010 public aboutrepparttar 126011 third party options for meaningful politics? Is this waiting forrepparttar 126012 full implementation of multi- channel programming by this corporation? Perhaps there are no plans by any popular media organizations/corporations to support multi-party, multi-dimensional politics. Isrepparttar 126013 Master plan two dimensional politics forever?

Any Democrat or Republican candidate for office who cannot defend and debaterepparttar 126014 merits of third party platforms and planks are not fit to hold public office. Their knowledge is proven too specialized to be trusted with many decisions. Members of third parties should be askingrepparttar 126015 two party candidates where they stand on third party issues. In California's recent recall election, I thinkrepparttar 126016 Green Party candidate hadrepparttar 126017 best of published ideas. Yetrepparttar 126018 "progressive" California voters still dance torepparttar 126019 two party tune. If California indicates where we are headed in national politics, we've been there for two centuries. Where isrepparttar 126020 progress?

Any public debates that take place without representatives of many third parties ought to be ignored. Always remember that a two party debate is worth less and quite often, worthless as well. If it is wisdom to know your enemy, it is wisdom to know all candidates, inrepparttar 126021 event they are elected only to then become your enemy. Two party dancers know only what is being promised, they know very few candidates very well. If I am voting, I owe it to you and me to chooserepparttar 126022 best possible candidate for a job, regardless of political party. If my vote counts inrepparttar 126023 end, I vote not for me but for us. I faithfully discharge a social obligation in total seriousness. I do not speculate on allrepparttar 126024 possible outcomes of my choices, whether or not my BEST choices succeed in THIS PARTICULAR election. I must truly encourage their persistence if we are to make any positive changes inrepparttar 126025 body politic.

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