Written by Val K

A century and half will never

make earthenware gleam,

even if it be scoured and forgotten

atrepparttar bottom of a stream.

I am earthenware

born daughter ofrepparttar 137105 house

taken wife ofrepparttar 137106 man

created mother of nations,

a burden too big to bear

just like this earthenware

I balance on my head.

This young maiden

blossoming inrepparttar 137107 rays of youth

my teeth chalk-white

my breasts, mangoes, ready to be plucked

in season, red and ripe.

Passing by on my way fromrepparttar 137108 stream

in skillful balancing acts,

the men sniff afterrepparttar 137109 scents of my

akwete cloth, like he-goats in heat

desire dripping from their eyes to form

pools at my feet.

De Jour ou Jour

Written by Val K

Yours isrepparttar eyes of innocence

the goat which bounds on rocks,

it is free, it has no master,

When I wake up inrepparttar 137104 morning

and Aurora greets me with a warm embrace

andrepparttar 137105 birds, egressó

I rememberrepparttar 137106 smile in your eyes,

asrepparttar 137107 dews drip fromrepparttar 137108 sky.

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