Earning From Your Website

Written by Helen Peshkova

Before you start building your site, ask yourself "WHY?". Why did you decide to build your own web site. How are you going to earn money? Creating simple homepage will not get you any money at all nor you receive lots of visitors. Your website must berepparttar part of your business. It also must berepparttar 141803 part of your business plan.

When you are planning your website, ask yourepparttar 141804 following questions:

1. Who is your audience? Your main goal is to provide information to meetrepparttar 141805 needs of your key audience, in a manner that is user-friendly. Audiences may include your clients: businessmen, professionals, etc.

2. What goals do you want to achieve with this site? What problems is your Web site trying to resolve? What arerepparttar 141806 advantages to having a Web site? Think about these questions as you prioritize your goals, and use them as a guide in your decision-making.

3. Isrepparttar 141807 information you want to providerepparttar 141808 same information that your audience wants from you? Your perceptions may dramatically differ from their perceptions! Involve your visitors, listen to their comments, test your site with them. Approach your information as if you were a user visiting your site forrepparttar 141809 first time. Does it make sense?

Online Promotion with Google Sitemaps

Written by Thorsten Görke

Google Sitemaps isrepparttar newest service ofrepparttar 141644 largest and most important search machine ofrepparttar 141645 world. This service has only an important reason: Each day are added more and more web pages inrepparttar 141646 InterNet. Googlebot nearly no more all can regardrepparttar 141647 sides within a short time. around to prevent and further ensure there isrepparttar 141648 service ofrepparttar 141649 search

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