Earn With Fun By Simple Seo (search Engine Optimization)

Written by Ravz D.

It all happened 3 months back, I have a blog & 1 fine day i saw my blog was ranking on top 10 position for a keyword which is less targeted, but was excited to see that & planned to promote it. Now watzrepparttar catch before promoting i placed Google Ads on my page.

I started promoting my blog by simply making submissions to blog directories, Search Engines & General Directories in related categories.

I was real amazed withrepparttar 118359 results, My position improved in search engines this resulted in good traffic & was able to see flow of $$$ in my Google Ads account. It took me 43 days to reach $99,

I have learnt lot & will be working more on that, if I have to suggest some 1 how can any individual earn $100 & more by simple seo my answer would be

CSS SPAM - Out of Control!

Written by Ken Webster

CSS SPAM - Out of Control!

Every newer technology has loopholes that draw multitudes of Spammers. The newest Spam technique onrepparttar scene is hiding text and URL gateways using CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) methods.

More frequently we are finding top listed sites owned or controlled by SEO and Web Development companies using this technique.

There are many ways to hide text and links using CSS and it is seems to be running completely unchecked byrepparttar 118358 major SE’s at this time. Up to nowrepparttar 118359 search engines haven’t been able to parse CSS files and combine that information withrepparttar 118360 page code to determine if spamming techniques were being used.

Most methods deploy a separate attached CSS file and use “hide” terms, such as:

keyword keyword

This morning I was doing a GOOGLE search for “web development pricing” and found a Site in top positions using a similar technique to hide hundreds of links to pseudo URLs with a full spectrum of web design, development and promotion key terms. Each page wasrepparttar 118361 same “gateway” page.

Here is a small sample of their technique:

Web Site Programmers, Web Site Programming, Web Site Promotion, Web Site Promotion Marketing, Web Site Promotions, Web Site Traffic,

Obviously,repparttar 118362 links were hidden in microscopic detail, utilizingrepparttar 118363 smallest text possible and CSS colorrepparttar 118364 same asrepparttar 118365 background. Of course this method required very little space atrepparttar 118366 bottom ofrepparttar 118367 page afterrepparttar 118368 layout table for hundreds of links.

The search engines thrive on “relevance” to maintain market share. Almost every algorithm shift targets Spam, filtering out anything irrelevant possible. Recent Search Engine history is replete with algorithm updates that severely punished Sites and Site Owners that chose to deploy similar “Black Hat” Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Why do so many flock to new “Black Hat” SEO techniques every time another one surfaces?

These practices are strictly forbidden inrepparttar 118369 top 3 SE’s published “Webmaster” and “Site Owner” guidelines:

Google: http://www.google.com/webmasters/guidelines.html

MSN: http://search.msn.com.sg/docs/siteowner.aspx?t=SEARCH_WEBMASTER_REF_GuidelinesforOptimizingSite.htm&FORM=WGDD

Yahoo: http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/ysearch/basics/basics-18.html

It shouldn’t be very difficult forrepparttar 118370 Search Engine developers to take in external CSS file considerations and incorporate them into algorithm changes inrepparttar 118371 near future. Withrepparttar 118372 extent CSS is being misused now, we should expect an update correcting this problem inrepparttar 118373 near future.

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