Earn More Money in Your Home Business by Creating a PIG

Written by Glen Jansen

If you really want to earn more money with your work at home business, than you need to strongly consider adding a P.I.G. Obviously, I am not referring torepparttar questionably adorable pot bellied pig that many fine people have adopted for a pet.

The concept of adding a Passive Income Generator to your business should be a top priority if you want long term income.

What exactly is a Passive Income Generator?

Asrepparttar 136147 names suggests, a P.I.G. is a product, system or service that will pay you and your company long after it has been implemented. In fact,repparttar 136148 ideal P.I.G. is one where you dorepparttar 136149 work once and it pays you over and over and over with little to no maintenance on your part.

An example of a P.I.G. could be a book, an audio CD, a patent,repparttar 136150 licence to use your idea, a service that you contract out, and much more. Let's take a book as an example. You diligently research, compile, write, edit and proofread your book. Depending on who you are this may take you anywhere from 14 days to 14 years. Oncerepparttar 136151 work has been done, a publisher will usually help withrepparttar 136152 marketing and promotion ofrepparttar 136153 book. Once all that has happened, yourepparttar 136154 author are left with a passive income generator that will keep selling books while you sit onrepparttar 136155 sat enjoying your margarita.

Making money with a P.I.G. has become so much more important withrepparttar 136156 acceptance of internet commerce. Today, there are some amazingly quick, simple and inexpensive ways of creating a P.I.G.. As an example, take a pay per click advertising campaign. This type of a business revolves around driving traffic fromrepparttar 136157 search engines at a small cost to a sales site. Once atrepparttar 136158 site, automated software can takerepparttar 136159 browser byrepparttar 136160 hand and market and marketrepparttar 136161 product until a sale is made. Ifrepparttar 136162 product is virtual like software or an e-book, no human ever needs to get involved inrepparttar 136163 transaction (other thanrepparttar 136164 buyer).

Are Your Hang-Ups Standing in the Way of Your Success?

Written by Meredith Gossland

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of books published that tell people how to sell, how to market things, and how to succeed in business but I have found that no amount of skill teaching can help, if a person doesn't look closely at their personality and hang-ups first. Self sabatoge isrepparttar # 1 enemy of people looking for success.

The business battlefield is littered with victims of self inflicted wounds. Most have a knife inrepparttar 136074 back and a dislocated shoulder from reaching back and stabbing themselves so many times. We come intorepparttar 136075 world with a clean slate but byrepparttar 136076 time we are ready to go intorepparttar 136077 business world we have developed behaviours meant to deal withrepparttar 136078 problems in life that, in fact, keep us from dealing withrepparttar 136079 problems in life.

Procrastination is one of these horrible hang-ups, and it is so common that people tend to accept it as normal behaviour.

Quiting is another, and people can create thousands of reasons why they should quit before reaching success. In reality this is just another hang-up born of feelings and emotions.

Door-mat behaviors also leave people sitting atrepparttar 136080 bottom ofrepparttar 136081 well wondering why they can't rise torepparttar 136082 top, while others are using them as stepping stones to success.

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