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Written by xyzou

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Make Change Easy - Get Involved!

Written by Martin Haworth

The level and intimacy of involvement in change makes a big difference to how people are able to respond.

Taking 'control' of change can be fruitful, enlightening and, yes, enjoyable. If you are undergoing change, think it through, and then think how you can enable your people to get involved too...

There are wild variances in how much involvement organisations are brave enough to offer their people in change.

From those organisations where they just Ďtellí (sometimes by text message even!), torepparttar most enlightened extreme, where they enable wholesale contribution torepparttar 149607 change process.

Such organisations actually createrepparttar 149608 time and space to involve as many people as possible, inrepparttar 149609 issues surroundingrepparttar 149610 need for change.

This organism of change, whererepparttar 149611 organisation fully respects (an important word in this context),repparttar 149612 ability of individuals to contribute, not in a patronising way, but more in a synergistic and fully contributory way, enables two significant and positive steps.

Firstly, involvement inrepparttar 149613 creation of change solutions, empowers people in what can be a very disempowering situation. They begin to have a role in their own and their organisationís future.

This leads to a second significant point. The ownership ofrepparttar 149614 solution shifts, so that individuals get really bought intorepparttar 149615 need for change and that they can contribute, sometimes much more than can be expected. Their empowerment values them as never before.

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