Earn $5,000 per Month in Residual Income from Market Intelligence Reports

Written by Jennie S. Bev

Writing market intelligence reports (also called "industry reports") probably never enters your mind. It may sound a bit intimidating and foreign. It may sound too out of reach. "I am not an industry expert and I can't write something of that caliber," you may say to yourself. But what ifrepparttar benefits are far greater thanrepparttar 129319 "fear"?

You either work 9 to 5 or freelance independently. Either way, you don't receive residual income from your works. In a 9-to-5 job, if you miss a day, you won't be paid for that particular day atrepparttar 129320 end ofrepparttar 129321 month. As a freelancer, if you don't produce and deliver, not only you don't get paid, you'd ruin your hard-earned reputation.

What if there is a way for you to earn residual income many times over your initial effort now? Residual income simply means that when you complete a job, you keep getting paid without putting forth extra effort or work on your part as long asrepparttar 129322 "final product" of your work still exists and is still being sold.

The average industry reports are sold $3,000 a piece andrepparttar 129323 authors (also called "researchers") earn 25 percent royalty out ofrepparttar 129324 retail price. Thus, earning $5,000 per month is not impossible at all. In fact, it is a conservative estimate. Many market intelligence authors earn much more than that, but they are less likely to disclosingrepparttar 129325 actual figure.

Breaking in and succeeding in market intelligence report writing is much easier nowadays, thanks to computers andrepparttar 129326 Internet. Researching for industrial information took a lot of effort a few years ago. Now it is more of what and who you know, where to look for and how to get yourself hooked up torepparttar 129327 sources of information, even if you don't have previous experience inrepparttar 129328 field. And yes, most of these activities can be done online.

Naturally, if you know how to operate a computer and perform online research, you already possess two ofrepparttar 129329 most essential skills to succeed in this business. So, wait no more. You can start writing as soon as you want either part-time or full-time.

Here are some tips to break into and succeed in industry reports writing based on Write Industry Reports: Work at Home and Start Earning $5,000 in Royalties per Month.

Simple Ideas for Quality Content

Written by Grant McNamara

What is good quality content for a web site? We can usually recognize quality content when we see it. It is a total package deal;repparttar words used,repparttar 129317 grammar,repparttar 129318 presentation,repparttar 129319 supporting artwork. Daily I receive articles from people giving advice that quality content is one ofrepparttar 129320 golden rules ofrepparttar 129321 Internet. Without quality content your visitors just donít stay, and never return.

An entire industry has grown to support and help companies develop their web sites to present quality content. There are editors and copy writers, localization experts to name a few. These companies specialize in web sites. They help to develop compelling language, usually designed forrepparttar 129322 visitor who skim reads. They recognize thatrepparttar 129323 visitor might devote two minutes or less, and unless in those few moments they Ďare capturedí, they wont read anything in depth and result: NO SALE.

If we can hold these fleeting visitors to actually read our words with some care, and hence take our product offer seriously, our language has to support their initial good impression. Spelling errors, poor grammar, slow loading art, and countless other factors will all debase quality.

Little inconsistencies in our written language bother visitors. For example, hyphenating a word on one page and not hyphenatingrepparttar 129324 same word on a different page. Visitors arenít necessarily even conscious ofrepparttar 129325 errors; but they are left with negative feelings.

When we first develop a web site we devote considerable resources. We check and edit and test, may be take user surveys and then check it all again. And finally our web site can be described as finished. If only it were so simple. As most people who manage a web site will know, things change. And changes, improvements and enhancements to our web site are usually a continuing effort.

And because we are working mainly with that wonderful tool called language, weíre working with a changing foundation. The Internet itself has added a whole new set of words. Overrepparttar 129326 past few months Iíve been developing an Internet support web site intended to help small businesses (it is http://www.selling-it.com/ ). Throughoutrepparttar 129327 project Iíve been faced with choices about how to spell words. Should I write an e-book or an ebook? Which letters do I capitalize? If Iím a Webmaster why do I run a web site? Is it a Unix or a UNIX or a unix server that Iím using? Will people buy my products using checks or cheques? Technical words like php, .htaccess file and MySQL were all problems. In fact new words and phrases are continuously added to our language.

Then we haverepparttar 129328 traditional problems that English presents. Some words allow two quite acceptable spelling forms; i.e. inquire and enquire. Is it best to use British or American spelling on a web site? Numbers present special problems. Were there 25 enthusiastic testimonials or twenty five?

Initially I tried to rely on my spell checker but sadly it wasnít much help. I worked hard researching a variety of web sites providing advice on quality content. But no where was I able to find a categorical definition of correct spelling and capitalization of many technology related words. And you bet I tried dictionaries.

Many words are so new that there isnít a definitive spelling. Onrepparttar 129329 positive side there was a message I could follow. When there isnít an accepted spelling, and to maintain quality content; spellrepparttar 129330 word consistently throughoutrepparttar 129331 web site. I hope youíll agree thatís great advice. It certainly simplifiesrepparttar 129332 issue. But I was still left with a problem.

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