E Learning: Why choose online education?

Written by John Thompson

The Internet boom is far from over, although it has been taking a slightly different slant inrepparttar past few years; hardly surprising as technologies advance and trends change. The World Wide Web isrepparttar 147781 largest resource of information inrepparttar 147782 whole world and whatever your needsrepparttar 147783 Internet can provide. What started as a bubble has soon become a massive tidal wave and online education is one ofrepparttar 147784 areas that is still increasing, probably more than ever before.

You can shop online, you can watch TV online, and you can even book your holidays online or work online and now you can complete perfectly legitimate and recognised educational courses online. Far from beingrepparttar 147785 alternative form of education used solely by working parents it is becoming just as popular with teenagers and professionals all aroundrepparttar 147786 world. There are no boundaries to learning when usingrepparttar 147787 Internet. You can study a course that local colleges and educational institutions in your area don’t offer and you can do so without having to quite your job and leave home.

You don’t need to take three years to complete a course; you can often work at your own pace, fitting in around your commitments and according to your spare time.

What courses are on offer?

As well as courses designed primarily for completion onrepparttar 147788 Internet, many educational institutions are now leaning towards offeringrepparttar 147789 major courses to be completed inrepparttar 147790 comfort of your own home. College degrees and graduate degrees are available in almost any subject you could imagine with many benefits overrepparttar 147791 traditional ‘classroom’ approach.

E-learning offers a vast array of topics too, from American History to Zoology and everything in between. Perhaps you are in full time employment and want a change in career. Not many of us can afford to just give up work and go back to college so online education could berepparttar 147792 perfect answer.

Maybe you are unemployed and can’t find work suitable for you orrepparttar 147793 qualifications and experience you have. Online education can offer yourepparttar 147794 opportunity to gain more qualifications withoutrepparttar 147795 expenses of travelling or accommodation.

Why should I choose an online education course?

There are many advantages to online education. The courses are usually tailored to meetrepparttar 147796 different demands that are entailed within an online learning community. You are usually free to study at your own time and pace, so you haverepparttar 147797 opportunity to complete your chosen course quickly or as slowly as you want.

We need Creativity

Written by Simon Mitchell

Creativity is central torepparttar management of our individual lives, but in modern times few people are able to access this as a resource. Alan Watts writes in The Wisdom of Insecurity:

"We have allowed brain thinking to develop and dominate our lives out of all proportion to 'instinctual wisdom'; which we are allowing to slump into atrophy. As a consequence we are at war within ourselves -repparttar 147746 brain desiring things whichrepparttar 147747 body does not want, andrepparttar 147748 body desiring things thatrepparttar 147749 brain will not allow;repparttar 147750 brain giving directions whichrepparttar 147751 body will nor follow, andrepparttar 147752 body giving impulses whichrepparttar 147753 brain cannot understand...So long asrepparttar 147754 mind is split, life is perpetual conflict, tension, frustration and disillusion. Suffering is piled on suffering, fear on fear, and boredom on boredom. The morerepparttar 147755 fly struggles to get out ofrepparttar 147756 honey,repparttar 147757 faster he is stuck. Underrepparttar 147758 pressure of so much strain and futility, it is no wonder that men [sic] seek release in violence and sensationalism, andrepparttar 147759 reckless exploitation of their bodies, their appetites,repparttar 147760 material world and their fellow men".

Globally atrepparttar 147761 moment there are many problems facing mankind. Diminishing natural resources and increasing populations mean that we are in a spiral of entropy. Our investment systems have been usingrepparttar 147762 capital assets of our planet as income sincerepparttar 147763 beginning ofrepparttar 147764 industrial revolution. We are putting little energy back into our planet.

Third world populations look enviously towardrepparttar 147765 apparent richness of first world countries, and wish to emulaterepparttar 147766 consumerism that appears to make its citizens so happy. Our media propagaterepparttar 147767 illusion that we can buy our way out of environmental destruction, and that retail therapy isrepparttar 147768 panacea to all dis-ease and unhappiness.

Althoughrepparttar 147769 nature of work is changing there is still more slavery inrepparttar 147770 world than there has ever been. Mass production is shifting generally to third world countries where cheap labour andrepparttar 147771 environment are more easily exploited. Tiny-wage slavery is still cheaper than investing in up torepparttar 147772 minute technology for many third world industries. New technology steadily gobbles up jobs. Service, leisure and electronic industries have replaced much of our manufacturing losses torepparttar 147773 third world but now even these (often part-time jobs) are being 'outsourced'.

Certainly creativity is needed at individual and governmental levels to produce new opportunities in employment, information, education and leisure activities. Many ofrepparttar 147774 manufacturing 'jobs for life' we have lost to cheaper workers have been replaced by part-time, poorly paid and insecure alternatives.

The development of new forms of employment andrepparttar 147775 ability to cope with accelerating change needs creativity at all levels. Pressures towards conformity stem from, "a demand that education should primarilyrepparttar 147776 way to enhanced social status and a materially safe way of life" (T.P. Jones in Creative Learning in Perspective).

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