EXIT Marketing Strategies... "keep selling after they've left."

Written by Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst

EXIT Marketing Strategies... "keep selling after they've left."

Marketing ONline or OFFline is about your MIX.

MIX meansrepparttar variety of strategies you use to promote yourself/ your site/ your wares.

The purpose of a Marketing MIX is to attract visitors using different forms of promotion. This MIX tactic has been used successfully by OFFline Marketers forrepparttar 125127 last 50 years.

ONline marketing mix strategies may include...

* Ezine Ads * Ezines * Articles * Sig files * Banners * Promotional deals * Autoresponder message sets * eReports * eBooks * Stickiness systems * FREE something

* POPups

POPups! Aargh. I hear you say.

Not so... POPups done elegantly and POLITELY actually add value to your site, and they'll promote you long afterrepparttar 125128 visitor has left.

Think of it this way.

Rememberrepparttar 125129 last time you were inrepparttar 125130 Mall and someone was promoting something. You were interested, so you went over and asked some questions, but you didn't buy.

Now, a savvy OFFline marketer would have given you something to take away... a flyer, a brochure... something.

The reason? Well, it's a memory jog, and you never know where that promotional item ends up. Yes, a high percentage end up inrepparttar 125131 rubbish bin... but a small percentage do not.

AND... all this has cost you is a small action.

Now think of your site. Someone has come to it looking for something. They didn't buy anything, and they may never return.

What MEMORY JOG can you give them?


Enter EXIT Marketing POPups

* Use them ELEGANTLY. This means that what you offer in your Popup must be in context with what you've got on your site.

Offer an in-context FREE eReport, FREE ebook, or a request to subscribe to your ezine in exchange for one of these things. Your goal is to get an email address.

FRIDGE Magnet Marketing... "stickiness strategies."

Written by Kenneth Doyle - e*Analyst

FRIDGE Magnet Marketing... "stickiness strategies."

"As much as things change they stayrepparttar same."

As an OFFline marketer it's interesting to observe a trend emerging onrepparttar 125126 web.

What's this trend?

Well, what's now happening is that highly successful promotional techniques, - which have been part and parcel of everyday, (offline) small business marketing campaigns - now have their web-equivalents.


* Company A is inrepparttar 125127 marketplace competing with a lot of other Company A's.

Businesses have to find ways to keep their products and/ or services withinrepparttar 125128 orbit of their potential customers ever- diminishing attention span.

* Advertising is expensive. Advertising Messages have to be continually repeated to maintain a presence inrepparttar 125129 marketplace. The Advertiser withrepparttar 125130 biggest budget can pay forrepparttar 125131 biggest presence (Note: this doesn't always translate into sales though.)

* Give-aways, freebies, contests, valuable guarantees, trial use, buy one - get one free, referral systems and loss leaders are used to attract customer attention.


ONLINE: Noticerepparttar 125132 web similarities with these existing bricks and mortar promotional techniques here? Many of these offline promotional techniques are now becoming common fare onrepparttar 125133 web.

ENTER The Fridge Magnet concept... "stickiness systems."

An excellent example of this trend in action isrepparttar 125134 old fridge (refrigerator) magnet technique. Offline, it's a simple, cheap and EXTREMELY effective technique. ONLine it will achieverepparttar 125135 same results.

Why? Two phrases "Repetition & human laziness."

Here's howrepparttar 125136 fridge magnet system works, OFFline.

1. Company A makes contact with a potential customer through a variety of different promotional techniques. Smart companies know that a person is unlikely to buy from themrepparttar 125137 first time. Repetition isrepparttar 125138 key.

2. As one of their strategies Company A givesrepparttar 125139 potential customer their FRIDGE magnet, which has all of their contact details on it. The potential customer puts this magnet up onrepparttar 125140 door of their fridge to (usually) hold a variety of flyers and notes.

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