Written by Meredith Pond

Whether at home, at work, or elsewhere, chances are you have access to an email account. In this day and age of online communication and connectivity, email has emerged as a free, convenient, and instantaneous alternative to traditional letters and postcards.

Along withrepparttar convenience and speed of email, however, comesrepparttar 109685 added potential for mistakes in typing, grammar, and spelling. Just like you'd carefully re-read a handwritten letter before sending it off, any email communication you send should be read through carefully before hitting that send button.

Especially if your message is business related, you need to be sure that your information is accurate,repparttar 109686 recipient's name is exactly right, and your spelling and grammar are correct. Of course, it's possible that your recipient won't noticerepparttar 109687 errors, but when it comes down to your business, do you really want to take that chance?

Most modern email programs are equipped with a spell check. If you haven't noticed one inrepparttar 109688 program you're using, chances are you just haven't looked hard enough. Look carefully under your tools and options menus to make sure you haverepparttar 109689 spell check enabled.

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

If you are a typical entrepreneur online operating a small business website from your office PC there is now a very effective way to increaserepparttar visibility for your site with very little additional work. Didrepparttar 109684 title for this article catch your attention? Typical email addresses rarely grab anyone's attention with domain extensions of or and especially orrepparttar 109685 most common of all,

How do you seizerepparttar 109686 attention of jaded surfers and wrench their perception with an email address? Simple, get your free email from sites like:

How much more likely will someone be to actually want to read your email if your email address showing in their list of received mail makes them smile or mentions their profession or their interests before they even open it?

Obviously it would serve your business to offer free email from your own domain if your domain name is generic and represents an entire industry or is funny or descriptive like those listed above. Free email accounts can be set up through several companies that provide a list of specific names they've reserved for their company, such asrepparttar 109687 lists at: and

There are multiple options to consider depending on how you and your free email subscribers would prefer to receive email. If you'd like a simple explanation ofrepparttar 109688 three most common types of email service available online, go to:

This page helps you to understandrepparttar 109689 difference between POP3 email, web-based email and email forwarding services. Each have pros and cons depending on your preferences.

If you want to set up a free email account from your own domain which will allow you to offer free email to your web site visitors try visiting:

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