Written by Eric Hayes

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10 Ways To Ignite Your Product's Overall Value!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Sell your product at a higher price. This increasesrepparttar perceived value because people usually associaterepparttar 117708 higher priced product as being better.

2. Offer a free trial or sample of your product. This increasesrepparttar 117709 perceived value because people think you're confident in your product, so it must be good.

3. Include tons of testimonials on your ad copy. This increasesrepparttar 117710 perceived value because you have actual proof of other people's experiences with your product.

4. Load your ad copy full of benefits. This increasesrepparttar 117711 perceived value because people think they are getting solutions to a number of problems.

5. Offer an affiliate program with your product. This increasesrepparttar 117712 perceived value because people can also make money with your product.

6. Give people a strong guarantee. This increasesrepparttar 117713 perceived value because it shows that you stand be- hind your products.

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