Written by Jim Daniels

Here are some great tips, tricks, add-ons and shortcuts for two popular email programs; Qualcomm's Eudora and Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express.

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express Tips and Tricks:

o Did you know that you can view ongoing email conversations by quickly changingrepparttar view in Outlook and Outlook Express? Select a message in your in-box, click on "View", point your cursor to "Current View" and then click "Group Messages by Conversation". You'll see all messages with that particular person and they'll be organized in a nice, neat thread!

o Worried about a virus? First off, NEVER open an attachment before virus checking it. Also consider using "Chilton Preview" rather than Outlook's built-in preview pane.

Microsoft Outlook's AutoPreview lets you see justrepparttar 109702 first three lines of messages. It also leaves you susceptible to malicious code in html messages. "Chilton Preview" is a tiny add-on that puts a whole third pane on your Outlook window, to let you scroll through entire messages without opening them. It readsrepparttar 109703 plain text equivalent of HTML messages so it does not leave you vulnerable to malicious code in HTML mail.

o You can have Outlook and Outlook Express quickly add any email addresses to your Address Book. Just open any incoming message then right-click onrepparttar 109704 name you want to add. Then click on "Add to Address Book".

Outlook and Outlook Express keyboard Shortcuts:

o Press F3 to perform an advanced find. o Ctrl-Q will mark a message as read. o Ctrl-K matchesrepparttar 109705 text typed intorepparttar 109706 TO field with an existing contact.

Outlook Add-ons you may want to try...

o ListsNet Tuner: o AutoReply: o Email Talks:

Yours Truly, Anonymous

Written by Joe Reinbold

How many times today have you gotten an email message with an offer in it for a money making deal or some type of service? Probably many times! And, how many of those messages had no individuals name or contact information, just a web site URL? Again, probably many!

I received one a couple of hours ago that had a pretty good offer in it, one that I a least was willing to check out further. It was a network marketing program that was in Pre-Launch and I had not heard of it before, so it appeared to be pretty new. The email had no name on it either inrepparttar body or inrepparttar 109701 "From" line. All it had was a URL torepparttar 109702 web site.

So off I went torepparttar 109703 web site. The home page was well done and it described a typical network marketing program. There was no identification onrepparttar 109704 home page as to whorepparttar 109705 sponsor was nor was there any specific information aboutrepparttar 109706 company other than its name. I spotted a link entitled "About Us" and clicked on that.

Nothing there either in respect torepparttar 109707 name ofrepparttar 109708 individuals runningrepparttar 109709 business, where it was located or how to contact them. You would think that on a page titled "About Us" you would see that type of information. But all this page had on it was a description of a network marketing company, in generic terms.

So I checked outrepparttar 109710 page "Terms of Membership" and that page was also void of any contact information. I did note thatrepparttar 109711 company was probably in Texas since part ofrepparttar 109712 agreement indicated that ......would be governed byrepparttar 109713 laws ofrepparttar 109714 State of Texas.

I checked out every page and they were all void of any identification ofrepparttar 109715 people runningrepparttar 109716 program. Evenrepparttar 109717 "Contact Us" page had a input form to send them a message rather than listing an actual email address.

One ofrepparttar 109718 first things I want, and you should want, before doing business with a company is to know who they are, where they are and whether I would be able to contact them by email and telephone if necessary. I want to be able to have some trust inrepparttar 109719 people I do business with just as I want to create that trust with my customers. I want to know that there is a real live person there to talk to.

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