Written by Meredith Pond

Sales letters are one ofrepparttar most popular forms of advertising today, and rightly so. The reason for this is simple: they work. However, evenrepparttar 127485 most powerful sales letter can't do its job if you don't get it torepparttar 127486 right people.

So, how do you make sure your sales message gets across to those who will listen? The answer lies in one simple word: EMAIL. Email isrepparttar 127487 fastest, most direct, and most cost-effective way to spreadrepparttar 127488 word. In fact, it'srepparttar 127489 number one marketing method in use today.

If you have already established an email newsletter, use your existing list to send out a sales letter. Since these people have already signed up to receive your messages, they're likely not to mind much if you send them a sales pitch; just try not to make it too hypey or pushy. Thank them for joining your list, then tell them what you can do, as a service for them.

If you're nervous about turning your prospects off with a sales letter, simply begin each newsletter issue with a brief ad for your services. Provide a link back to your site, perhaps to a page that does contain a strong sales letter.

Is Your Customer Service Excellent?

Written by Claude Hopkins and Terry Dean

"The last person to buy from you isrepparttar most likely to buy again and soon." This quote is an old one and I do not knowrepparttar 127484 author but I do know it to be true. After spending fourteen years of my life owning and running a retail art gallery, I was witness to this happening over and over again.

A repeat customer does not happen by accident. A repeat customer isrepparttar 127485 result of excellent customer service from you.

A man byrepparttar 127486 name of Harold Stanley Marcus was born on April 20, 1905 in Dallas, Texas. His family started an upper-end retail store in 1907 and called it Neiman-Marcus. Stanley started atrepparttar 127487 bottom inrepparttar 127488 family business in 1926 as a floorman. He began to work onrepparttar 127489 store's image and customer service. Mr. Marcus has been quoted as saying "Quality is remembered long afterrepparttar 127490 price is forgotten." His son Richard, who took over from his father upon retirement, put a different spin on his father's words of wisdom.

"Care for your customer and they will return... care for your merchandise and it won't."

Stanley Marcus retired in 1975 as a chairman who had shepherdedrepparttar 127491 store to international prominence through a combination of uncompromising quality in merchandise and unwavering commitment to customer service. In 1984 Neiman- Marcus inaugurated retailing's first customer loyalty program, InCircle. If you have a few minutes, take a look atrepparttar 127492 InCircle program at Atrepparttar 127493 middle ofrepparttar 127494 page onrepparttar 127495 left, click on InCircle Rewards. It is a secure page but you can scroll down to see what they are giving their good customers.

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