Written by Bob McElwain

Sure, you know how to handle email. You're probably flooded withrepparttar stuff and deal with it as effectively as you can. But is this good enough?

Maybe, but I sure get a lot of email that completely ignores well established rules. And even defies common sense. Here are my pet peeves.

Line Length:

A line of 80 characters is about twice as hard to read as one of 65. My reader window is set to accommodate 65 character lines. Send me 80, and 15 or more will wrap to a second line. Ugly. And hard to read.

Send 60 character lines, 65 maximum, as do most newsletters. All you need to do is hit Enter at about 60 while typing.


Use it. Forget all other fonts. This is what most expect. When you userepparttar 109604 font you love, it's a struggle for me to read it because it is not what I expected or am used to.


Forget it. Many are now trashing HTML, much favored by pornographers. While I don't automatically trash it, it's got to be important else I will. People can send Java and Active X in HTML. Reports I have not confirmed, suggest these will become joyful tools for those wanting to do mischief.

Do The Views Above Reflect The Norm?

It's doubtful. But I'm not alone in any one of them. So if you break these rules, you are bound to annoy some. Rememberingrepparttar 109605 importance of generating every single possible hit, can you afford this risk? Many obviously believe they can, forrepparttar 109606 above are commonly violated inrepparttar 109607 email I receive.

There's more to all this than mentioned above. If you are serious about your business and want to be certain your messages are first rate, visit my site. Click on Library inrepparttar 109608 navigation bar torepparttar 109609 left. Then, under Topics, select Email Handling. You'll find lots of good information here, andrepparttar 109610 views of others.

Three Unbreakable Rules

Ignorerepparttar 109611 following at your peril. You can lose lots and lots of potential customers in doing so.

Answer Promptly

What good is a reply a week later? Heck,repparttar 109612 sender has likely forgottenrepparttar 109613 question. And even that they asked it.

There's no exception here. Email needs to be answered within a few hours of receipt. If you're working a day job, handlerepparttar 109614 heavy stuff inrepparttar 109615 evening. But check for important messages inrepparttar 109616 morning as well. Otherwise, check every two to three hours. If you haven'trepparttar 109617 time, outsourcerepparttar 109618 task. That is, hire someone to handle your email for you. It simply has to happen.

Answer Completely

Many replies are incomplete, so you have to respond again to clarify your question. Oftenrepparttar 109619 answer does not relate torepparttar 109620 question. Intolerable.

Take whatever time is required to be sure you understandrepparttar 109621 question. Then answer it completely. But go further. Include related information that may be needed given your answer. For example, if you suggest using a Windows' tool, add how to do so.

Answer With Grace And Style

Be pro. Talk nicely. Use simple language. Say enough, but not more than is needed. Above all, watch your manners. This matters most when dealing with someone who is angry.

7 Key Email Marketing Tactics

Written by Dan Thies

Email is often described asrepparttar most effective marketing vehicle onrepparttar 109603 Internet today. Compared to banner advertising or other methods, targeted email marketing can deliver far better results at a much lower cost. It's also a very easy way to lose money!

While it's true that a well planned, targeted campaign can deliver astonishing results, a poorly executed campaign will just cost you good money. A good email marketing strategy is built on a foundation of seven key tactics.

Tactic One: Use E-Zines To Target Your Audience. Since you're probably not starting out with a mailing list of your own, you'll want to use opt-in email newsletters to find and reach your desired audience. Even as your own mailing list grows, e-zines will probably remainrepparttar 109604 most important vehicle for your marketing efforts. I recommend that you subscribe to and/or read several issues of any e- zine before buying an ad.

Tactic Two: Test Your Copy and Offers With Classified Ads. Your first efforts at writing a really profitable e-zine ad will probably be a painful learning experience. In order to keep it from being an expensive lesson, use low-cost (or free) classified ads to test different headlines and offers. Once you've built up your own mailing list, you should be able to test your ads for free with "ad swaps," and even make some money inrepparttar 109605 process.

Tactic Three: Give Good Ads Top Exposure. Once you have an ad that's tested well, your best results will come from "top ads" (also known as sponsor ads) inrepparttar 109606 e-zines you've selected. The best ads, running inrepparttar 109607 best spots, inrepparttar 109608 best e-zines, will usually give yourepparttar 109609 maximum return. Some e-zines also offer "solo" ads at a higher cost, which allow you to send an entire sales letter to their list.

Tactic Four: Write Articles & Reports. Writing short articles and reports on your chosen subject will let you get free advertising, increase your credibility inrepparttar 109610 eyes of your prospects and customers, and provide a ready source of material for your own opt-in newsletter. Free reports are also one ofrepparttar 109611 best freebie offers you can make to increaserepparttar 109612 response to your advertisements.

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