Written by Shirley deLong

Getting America back onrepparttar right track. It's time for Taxpayers to start questioning all candidates, making them "fess" up, and put into writing their "what I'm going to do for you and your families" and if they don't live up to these words, then Taxpayers haverepparttar 147874 right to get them out of office without a problem, don't you think?

POLITICIANS 'SAY' AND I QUOTE 'WE MUST CUT TAXES, ELIMINATE NAFTA (& NOW CAFTA)AND BRING JOBS BACK TO AMERICA! Yeah, right! When they get in, Taxpayers are forgotten! There's a couple politicians, right here in North Carolina, and these wererepparttar 147875 words coming from their lying mouths, but once in D. C. Taxpayers are forgotten! We,repparttar 147876 Taxpayers, would like to know, IF YOU ARE ELECTED, ARE you going to: a] SUPPORT A BILL "ELIMINATING PROPERTY TAXES" so America's children came be put into a good christian school so they can get a good and moral education before it's too late. b] SUPPORT A BILL "SETTING TIME LIMITS OF ONE (1) YEAR?" In other words, if all Local, State & Federal Politicians' & Elected people "Picture Pretty"

Politicians need reality check

Written by Shirley deLong

Let's have some new rules for voting, holding public office.

Oppression rings a bell when hardworking taxpayers think ofrepparttar Democrats on Guilford Board of Commissioners. After pointing out errors and flaws inrepparttar 147873 2004 budget you'd think this bunch would have paid attention or at least waited to passrepparttar 147874 2005 budget. No, Bruce Davis and his sidekicks were gung-ho to pass it without even looking into drastic cuts which were noted by several! He's too busy to get to Hawaii and spend more taxpayers monies.

Skip Alston's comment, "I wantrepparttar 147875 one million dollars forrepparttar 147876 civil rights museum, because I'm givingrepparttar 147877 school system what it wants" is an abomination to sayrepparttar 147878 least. Nothing is forrepparttar 147879 benefit of our community, it's for Alston, his ventures, Drug Free, that's me, Greensboro Neighborhood Housing Assistance, Sit-in Movement and others like this. If you don't believe it, take a look at St. James, Project Homestead and several other projects. These boars have been milked too long. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that old cellars are underground and will always have moisture! This is another endless money pit.

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