EBay Freak Shares His Highly Successful Silent Sales Machine Technique for Making Serious Money on EBay

Written by Terry Mansfield

Jim Cockrum is a self-professed "eBay freak" whose eBook 'The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay' became a top seller onrepparttar Internet in less than six months. And Jim wasn't surprised one bit by this. Why was he so sure his eBook would do so well? Because, he says, 'The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay' is "full of original, useful, and POWERFUL ideas for anyone trying to make money onrepparttar 137476 Internet." Ideas that have made him an awful lot of money on eBay since 1997. Ideas he "learned from many eBay gurus and creative thinkers," and has put to good and very profitable use. Ideas he now wants to share withrepparttar 137477 rest of us to help us achieve a similar level of success.

Jim emphasizes thatrepparttar 137478 potential for marketing and selling via eBay is truly mind boggling, withrepparttar 137479 number of eBay users having now reached over 100 million and growing larger every day. And by using his Silent Sales Machine technique,repparttar 137480 rest of us can makerepparttar 137481 same kind of serious money on eBay and onrepparttar 137482 Internet that he's been able to, because "a Silent Sales Machine is a thing of beauty" and "there are unlimited ways to set one up using eBay asrepparttar 137483 fuel." Through his eBook, Jim is revealing his highly successful method for making lots of money on eBay, so we too can share inrepparttar 137484 $14 billion dollar eBay pie.

Without a doubt, Jim Cockrum makes some pretty bold claims, but he backs them up with some very impressive PayPal account earnings listings, and says that during a recent two-day period, virtually "every product I sold to these HAPPY eBay customers was free to me (100% profit), cost nothing to ship, and is available in unlimited supply." He asserts that his book "shows you how to dorepparttar 137485 same thing." And he wants you to know that he did NOT use drop-shipping to achieve his stellar sales results since a drop-ship method would NOT have resulted in 100% profit, of course.

Network Marketing for Easy Money!

Written by Craig Ritsema

Ok, I know what youíre thinking, another marketing guru selling a way to make quick money. Well, sorry, thatís notrepparttar kind of easy money Iím referring to.

Network Marketing has been around for a while. Most of us know someone who has a friend or relative who became involved in off-line network marketing. We listened to their sales pitch with our mind already set on how we were going to say no andrepparttar 137424 best way to get out ofrepparttar 137425 meeting as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Through outrepparttar 137426 sales pitch we thought to ourselves, what would drive someone to put this much effort into selling these products? Why would they spend all this time promoting their product to their friends and relatives? Would we ever be able to meet them again and look them inrepparttar 137427 face wondering if they were going to start into their sales pitch?

All in all, this kind of network marketing seemed rather painful to someone fromrepparttar 137428 outside. Not only was it time consuming, but you needed to be a person withrepparttar 137429 ability to sell. Most people involved this way did not start out as professional sales people, but they knew they would need to learn these skills in order to succeed.

What our friends understood about network marketing is thatrepparttar 137430 first customers arerepparttar 137431 hardest. Once these customers started recruiting their own customers things started getting easier. Over time, their income would grow faster. They were sold onrepparttar 137432 product they were selling and definitelyrepparttar 137433 concept of network marketing. They were persistent and determined not to quit!

I could not help but think Ė could they really be on to something? It seemed impossible, but what if it worked? Our friends did eventually become successful. But I believe it was only because they were determined to make it work. Giving up was not an option for them.

Times have changed and off-line network marketing has turned into on-line network marketing. The concept remainsrepparttar 137434 same:

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