E-commerce is booming...will you be part of it?

Written by Stephan L. Choi

What is e-commerce? We hear so many "e" words today; e-mail, e-book, e-trade and more. "E" stands for electronic. E-commerce is conducted overrepparttar Internet, electronically. This might refer to business to business transaction, or purchases consumers make online. If you purchase goods from a website, you are participating in e-commerce. If you sell goods online, this is also e-commerce. E-commerce can also apply to services that are sold or exchanged online.

You may pay for goods and services online with a credit card, an electronic check or a previously established online account such as Paypal. These are sometimes called "cybercash" accounts. When using these cyber-accounts,repparttar 141200 money is transferred from your account torepparttar 141201 other without releasing or revealing any of your personal information such as credit card numbers and bank accounts.

This added security led a lot of people to feel more secure with e-commerce and "secured transactions". The Federal Electronic Signatures Act in 2000 set standards for contracts and forms that are signed electronically. The internet had created a whole new world in which new laws would have to be formed.

The new laws have diminishedrepparttar 141202 problem of online purchase and e-commerce. Retail sales were over 7 million dollars byrepparttar 141203 end of 1990's. An advantage of e-commerce is that we can purchase things and receive them without going torepparttar 141204 store and fighting crowds. There is no need for even dressing up.

You Can Either Pay It Now, Or Pay Later When It Come To Promoting Your Website

Written by Joan Roberts-Patterson

Inrepparttar past couple of years, it has become apparent thatrepparttar 141166 various methods of website promotion are growing, andrepparttar 141167 competition onrepparttar 141168 internet is heating up! Lots of people are focusingrepparttar 141169 majority of their time to promoting their website. There is a lot of money and time spent analyzing how websites need to be optimized forrepparttar 141170 search engines in order forrepparttar 141171 promotion of websites to be effective.

You could haverepparttar 141172 best product inrepparttar 141173 world, and if no one knows about it,repparttar 141174 consumer misses out on a great product or service, and you, miss out onrepparttar 141175 opportunity to make money. Everywhere onrepparttar 141176 internet, you are bombarded with terms like page rank, SEO, search engines, traffic, PPC, keywords, meta tags, javascript. What does all this mean torepparttar 141177 person who is trying to get a foothold onrepparttar 141178 internet?

What it means is that in order to run withrepparttar 141179 pack, you need to keep up withrepparttar 141180 latest things happening onrepparttar 141181 internet. Keeping up means continuous education. And promoting yourself onrepparttar 141182 internet is not a subject that we learn in school, nor is it a part of any college course I've ever seen.

So where do we learn how to market ourselves inrepparttar 141183 most effective way? It's been my experience that you can "pay" for your education with time, or with money. There are two ways of looking at it. And it starts with this question. How fast do you want to make money? If you want to learn quickly you will want to do some research onrepparttar 141184 internet, search for forums, and membership sites that are doingrepparttar 141185 types of things you are interested in doing.

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