E-books in Your Life

Written by Sanjib Ahmad

E-Books are making a big impact inrepparttar way we read, write and use books. There is nothing holding back an expert with years of experience on a particular field to write about allrepparttar 140512 ins and outs, trade secrets, strengths and weaknesses ofrepparttar 140513 industry.

Consider Colm Dillon,repparttar 140514 author of Unique Real Estate Development Method. He has 30 years and $1.2 Billion worth of professional real estate development experience. Dillon wrote his book purely from experience and practical usage. His eBook is now selling in 63 countries and directly available onrepparttar 140515 Internet.

More and more shoppers are now buying books online. If you purchase a physical book that you have been dying to get your hands on you still have to wait for shipping and delivery before you can start reading. With E-Books you get instant delivery 24x7. No more waiting and watchingrepparttar 140516 clock. Whilerepparttar 140517 inspiration and interest is hot, you get to download your favorite business book and start reading away.

Imagine, discovering an E-Book called Business Plans at 11.30 pm, decided to buy and downloadrepparttar 140518 book at 12.05 am, finished reading it by 2.00 am. The 10 o’clock meeting next morning, and you are already a guru on Business Plans and opportunities to lead you company to new frontiers.

Why 95% of eBay Sellers Fail

Written by Todd Reese

eBay is nowrepparttar 8th most visited site onrepparttar 139289 internet and it has just one purpose - sales. With 40 million visitors per month most eBay sellers are missing a golden opportunity. They are missingrepparttar 139290 opportunity to cultivate long term clients.

It is a proven fact in marketing that you will continue to buy over and over again from people and companies that you know, like and trust. Yet 95% of all internet marketers fail when it comes to eBay. Most are looking forrepparttar 139291 fast buck. They have completely missrepparttar 139292 opportunity to use eBay as a lead generation tool. They missrepparttar 139293 opportunity to create a list of people that will be willing to consume your products over and over again.

Lead generation on eBay can be accomplished in several ways. The most popular way is by usingrepparttar 139294 self liquidating ad. A self liquidating ad is one that pays for itself. In other words your customer directly pays your advertising costs. They purchase from you, some form of advertising.

Let me give you an example of a self liquidating advertisement. Recently I saw in a magazine an ad for a pair of sunglasses. The ad claimed thatrepparttar 139295 sunglasses were free you just had to payrepparttar 139296 shipping and handling costs. My guess is thatrepparttar 139297 advertiser probably wasn’t making much if any money onrepparttar 139298 sunglasses. But they also weren’t losing any money. The shipping and handling most likely covered their actual costs. What they really wanted was something far more valuable – your contact information and your “permission” to market to you. In other words they are looking for qualified prospects - prospects that are interested inrepparttar 139299 products and services they are selling.

Once a company has your contact information and “permission” to market to you, they will begin to establish a relationship. They will do this in a variety of ways including sending you ads for other product and services you may be interested in. Over time most customers will be worth many times more than their initial purchase.

Since eBay is purely commerce site it is a perfect place to do a self liquidating ad. Let’s look at an extreme example. Let’s pretend that you own a car dealership that only sells high end cars. We will assume that your average car sells for $65,000. One way you could use a lead generation self liquidating ad would be by “selling” a special report. For example you could sell a report on eBay entitled “18 Ways to Driverepparttar 139300 Car of Your Dreams for Less Thanrepparttar 139301 Cost of a Yugo”.

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