E-books are for E-veryone!

Written by Terri Seymour

One ofrepparttar best ways to build your online income is by writing & distributing ebooks. Ebooks can be a very effective tool for marketing your business and they can also be big money makers. Ebooks are also a useful resource for whatever information you are looking for.

There are a few things you should remember if you are going to write an ebook.

1. Just as your ezine should not be a giant ad, nor should your ebook. Be sure to fill it full of useful and valuable information.

2. Your ebook should be compiled in a simple, yet professional design. Make your ebook look good, but do not overdo. Make sure people can maneuver aroundrepparttar 108463 book with ease.

3. Takerepparttar 108464 time to dorepparttar 108465 research and write an effective and informative ebook. Your ebook will be circulating aroundrepparttar 108466 web and will say a great deal about you and your business.

4. Ebooks are a great giveaway for your visitors and/or subscribers. Everyone is looking for useful information which can be found in ebooks.

5. You should always use your first ebook as a giveaway. This will entice more people to read your ebook, which in turn will get more people to see how good it is. When you do write your first ebook to sell, you will have already established your reputation for writing a useful and informative ebook.

6. You do not have to be a writer to write an ebook. Just as with articles, all you need to do is gather, organize and outline your information. Always add resources and links when applicable. A good ebook for giveaway can be as simple as a collection of your articles orrepparttar 108467 articles of other authors.

7. After you have written all your ebook pages and contained them all in a folder, you will need to compile them intorepparttar 108468 actual ebook. This you do with an ebook compiler and only takes a few minutes. There are some free compilers and some that are not. I have checked out several ebook compilers and would personally recommend Ebook EditPro. It costs a bit, but was very simple to use and did a fast and effective job. Look for link in resource box.

How to Research Your Information Product

Written by Terri Seymour

After being an affiliate and selling other people's products for what seems like an eternity, you are finally ready to write your own information ebook. The first step is going to be research. No matter what your ebook is going to be teaching people, you want to know exactly what kind of information they are looking for and would be willing to pay for.

For instance, if you are writing an ebook that shows how to budget and save your money, you want to find out what problems and concerns people have and need information on. Things like how to save money on utilities, cutting your grocery bills, best ways to invest and so on.

You want to be very organized in your research because this is a very important process in developing your product. If you follow these simple steps, you can obtain all your information and turn it into a very successful information product.

Step 1 - Gathering Information

In this step, you want to gather information and data that will help you decide onrepparttar relevant content of your ebook. There are several ways you can do this:

Discussion Lists: Ask questions torepparttar 108462 members of allrepparttar 108463 discussion groups that you are a member of. See what concerns them in regard torepparttar 108464 subject matter of your ebook. With most of these groupsrepparttar 108465 members are very happy to help a fellow group member.

You can find all kinds of discussion lists here: http://www.topica.com http://www.yahoogroups.com

Ezine Subscribers: Write up a little survey and ask your subscribers to fill it out and see what you come up with. Of course, if you do not publish an ezine, this will not work for you. ;-)

Message Boards: Visit message boards and again askrepparttar 108466 members what information they would like to have access to and would possibly pay for. You can find boards of all kinds here: http://www.ezboard.com/ http://www.delphi.com/dir-delphi/

Popular Ezines: Subscribe to and read some popular ezines and see what information they are publishing. Expand on it and provide a more in depth study in your ebook.

Surfrepparttar 108467 Internet: Find out everything possible that you don't already know about your subject matter so you can provide even more information for your readers. I find a lot of my info here: http://www.excite.com http://www.google.com

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