E-Sigs That Work - by June Campbell

Written by June Campbell

Does your email signature contain a humorous quip or a philosophical quote from a dead poet? If yes, you're wasting a wonderful opportunity to promote your business for free!

To a business person, an e-sig is an advertisement andrepparttar basic guidelines for writing advertisements apply. However, modifications for online use are required. Keeprepparttar 109692 following guidelines in mind: 1. Less is more. Some email systems and mailing lists will automatically cut off any signature exceeding 4-6 lines. Many email programs will allow you to set line lengths to about 60 characters -repparttar 109693 ideal length for readability. 2. Attract attention to your signature by creating "borders" of text or special characters. 3. Includerepparttar 109694 name of your business and a short, pithy marketing statement. 4. Sell benefits, not features. 5. Offer something free - i.e. free information, free contest, free samples, etc. 6. Make it easy for people to contact you by providing clickable links to URLs and emails. For example, if you add "mailto:" in front of an email address, most email programs will allowrepparttar 109695 user to open a new message to that address simply by clicking onrepparttar 109696 link.

7 Key Items To Include in your Email Signature File

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

One ofrepparttar most important and often overlooked methods of promoting your on line business or service is your email signature file (sometimes called a "sig"). There are two types of signature files, one isrepparttar 109691 more simple one at repparttar 109692 close of each email,repparttar 109693 other might be attached to writing or discussion group posts, etc. and is sometimes called a byline.

Regardless ofrepparttar 109694 usage, having an effectively written signature can makerepparttar 109695 difference in higher sales, more networking contacts and more prosperity for you today! Usingrepparttar 109696 following as a guide, to build a signature file that will help you meet your needs, and reach your goals.

1. Your Name andrepparttar 109697 Name of Your Business. You cannot build your brand or name recognition without it. No one would forget to include this, right? 2. Your email address. If you have written compelling content, people will want to contact you. Having your email address immediately available (and clickable) isrepparttar 109698 best means to satisfy repparttar 109699 need to "do it now". Since some email clients don't recognize and hotlink email addresses, consider puttingrepparttar 109700 mailto: in front of your address. This ensures your address is a hyper link (i.e. mailto:kevin@discian.com ) 3. Your Web Address. People will be enticed to take action immediately ifrepparttar 109701 information is readily accessible, and like your email address, being an active link is alwaysrepparttar 109702 best. Don't forget your URL! While it may be best to send them torepparttar 109703 home page,repparttar 109704 content of your writing may suggest you send them to a specific page. If so, use that address in your signature file.

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