E-Shopping Has Arrived! Why It's HOT And How You Can Get Your Piece of the Gold Rush

Written by Sam White

The Internet isn't just another way to do business any more. Increasingly,repparttar Web is becoming THE way most people want to shop and buy.

Recent holiday shopping shot past evenrepparttar 109043 most optimistic predictions, surpassingrepparttar 109044 $7 BILLION in sales mark at last count. Half of all North Americans userepparttar 109045 Internet to make a purchase.

While only 46% of Americans have a computer at home, most e-business sites get their biggest surge duringrepparttar 109046 middle ofrepparttar 109047 day when most people are at work. Internet sites let people do their shopping chores at their desk during a coffee break. Givenrepparttar 109048 busy lives most of us struggle with,repparttar 109049 amazing convenience and selection offered byrepparttar 109050 Net is a powerful motivator.

Will a few giant corporations take over online sellingrepparttar 109051 way they've dominated regular retail sales? Not a chance.

There will always be plenty of room for small, home-based entrepreneurs. The Internet is simply too big for any one tycoon to dominate. The Web requires millions of business owners like you, working together, to make it succeed. That's why even massive online firms like Amazon.com rely on thousands of small individually owned affiliate sites to drive sales.

Advice for Web Purchasing

Written by Richard Lowe

I recommend that you be very cautious about purchasing anything onrepparttar internet. Why? The internet is large, new and unprotected in many cases. It is incredibly easy for a fly-by-night schemer to set up shop, defraud some people, then move on without getting caught. And it's often difficult to determine who isrepparttar 109042 good guy and who isrepparttar 109043 bad guy.

Not to mentionrepparttar 109044 problems of credit card fraud, privacy invasion and other unseemly attacks on your money and good name. Some ofrepparttar 109045 dangers include:

- Your credit card numbers can be stolen by any number of means. These credit cards will then be charged up as high as they will go. You are legally protected from this kind of thing, but you have to report it quick and you will not be able to userepparttar 109046 disputed amount while it is being investigated.

- Spammers can get hold of your email address and send you undesired advertisements.

- Unauthorized people can get your personal information and use it against you in some way.

- In extreme cases, people may use your social security number (and other numbers) to gain credit in your name. This is called identity theft.

Here are some suggestions to help fight some of these things.

- Make sure you are using a secure link. This is easy to determine, as you will seerepparttar 109047 "https" inrepparttar 109048 site address. Your browser may also display a locked symbol.

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