"E-Power" The EZine Advantage

Written by Heidi Richards, MS

"Regular communication with your customers is essential to your success." - Heidi Richards -

Ezines - The alternative of choice for many companies is a great way to market your company. All you need is an e-mail account and permission from your customers/clients to sendrepparttar ezine. In fact, I have found ezines to be so powerful that I write and produce five a month. They are:

Self-Marketing News www.self-marketingnews.com PetalsNCents (a marketing newsletter forrepparttar 136318 floral industry) - www.petalsncents.com Creating A Legacy (a newsletter forrepparttar 136319 nonprofit community) www.creatingalegacy.com Ramblin' Rose (a newsletter for my customers) – www.EdenFlorist.com

WECommerce News (a newsletter for members of The Women’s ECommerce Association, International) – www.WECAI.org

Sincerepparttar 136320 whole topic of ezine production can be overwhelming, I will just touch onrepparttar 136321 highlights to get you started.

The first thing you must do is collect your customers/clients e-mail addresses. We collect them when they call, come inrepparttar 136322 shop, answer surveys, or enter our contests. We ask for it every time we have interaction with them. We tell themrepparttar 136323 benefits. The ezine is filled with product updates, trends, surveys, special offers, testimonials, discounts and my favorite CONTESTS.

Getting Started in ECommerce - Part One

Written by Heidi Richards, MS

In 2004, Enquiro.com conducted a study ofrepparttar search behaviors of men vs. women. They found that women spend more time in their searches and at specific sites. The study also revealed that women tend to be more deliberate in reading search results, linger longer at sites and have a greater satisfaction inrepparttar 136317 overall shopping experience. Another study conducted by iProspect.com revealed that women are more apt to clickrepparttar 136318 paid search advertising because they find it more relevant to their searches than do men (WebProNews - July 14, 2004).

What does this mean? It means that if we understandrepparttar 136319 searching and shopping patterns of our target audience we are better able to create marketing strategies to effectively drive traffic to our sites. Don’t yet have a website?

Electronic commerce or ecommerce is used to describe doing business overrepparttar 136320 Internet. Selling products and services to customers overrepparttar 136321 Internet can be accomplished a number of ways and various levels of sophistication.

The first thing you need is a professional Web site with its own domain name. You need to design and promote a Web site. You'll need access to expertise that can regularly design and maintain this Web site for you. A good website which gets visitors to return is constantly evolving and therefore, require ongoing attention. There are thousands of resources available for you to take advantage of, many of which are free. You can surfrepparttar 136322 Internet for what you need or you can simply visit www.WECAI.org to seerepparttar 136323 many resources we have listed. We have resources for guests and if you are a member we have even more resources to help you get started. In fact, you can search our domain registry and purchase your own unique domain name at www.wecaidomains.com.

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