E-Commerce is Booming. Are You Benefiting?

Written by Lee Benson.

Five years ago, people were surfingrepparttar web.

Three years ago, people started to userepparttar 109083 Internet to buy and sell goods. Two years ago, duringrepparttar 109084 1998 holiday season, over 1 million AOL members bought at least one item online.

This gave us a small hint of how big online shopping might get.

In 1999's holiday season, e-commerce exploded in all directions, taking its toll on traditional malls and shops. This year, even stores like Kmart and Walmart are spending millions to promote online shopping, bringing more people than ever on boardrepparttar 109085 shopping wave ofrepparttar 109086 future.

Although all of us can see what's happening, only a small percentage ofrepparttar 109087 general population is actually capitalizing onrepparttar 109088 Internet shopping revolution. E-commerce is here to stay. How long will it be beforerepparttar 109089 rest of us get on board? Why haven't we joinedrepparttar 109090 revolution?

For many of us,repparttar 109091 answer to that question is that we simply don't know where to start or what to do once we begin.

Most of us probably think we need to have expertise inrepparttar 109092 world of web design and HTML, or perhaps an MBA. However, there are plenty of experts out there who specialize in building web sites and making everything work. And you don't need an MBA, all you need is a goal and a plan of action.

To help get you started, there are some basic things you will need. First of all, you'll need a professional-looking web site with a secure shopping cart andrepparttar 109093 ability to accept credit cards. This is important, because most Internet shoppers are picky about security, and 80% of them prefer to use their credit card.

The Color of e-Business

Written by Ernest Seger

We all knowrepparttar tremendous advantages to operating a store front onrepparttar 109082 Web. But often we overlookrepparttar 109083 built-in disadvantage that every Internet store front shares…

The flat surface of a computer monitor has to substitute forrepparttar 109084 brick, mortar and 3 dimensional colors of a real world business.

Which brings up a problem -

You built your site around a particular shade of blue that looks great on your PC. But your visitor is viewing your site on his Mac, which translates that shade of blue into something that looks very different!

But not to worry. The following free sites can help you whip out great looking web-safe color combinations in a flash.

http://www.visibone.com/colorlab/ is a free color lab that allows you to see how colors work together. It's very visual and simple. Click onrepparttar 109085 color wheel and different color choices are presented torepparttar 109086 right ofrepparttar 109087 wheel. Keep choosing colors until you find something that looks good to you.

http://www.reallybig.com/visibone/lab/ isrepparttar 109088 same color lab but with a *random* button. Click "random" until you find an interesting combination of colors. Then begin to removerepparttar 109089 colors you don't like by clicking onrepparttar 109090 tiny "X"s.

http://www.paletteman.com/ allows you to experiment using up to four color combinations It gives you HEX or RGB values and will even emailrepparttar 109091 combinations to you.

Now let's talk first aboutrepparttar 109092 IMPACT of colors - and howrepparttar 109093 colors you choose for your web site could impact your bottom line.

The basis for this information is http://www.pantone.com/index.asp?pn=home

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