E-Book Writing Formats: How to Make the Words Flow

Written by Dina Giolitto, Wordfeeder.com

Nervous about writing your first e-book? Never fear. E-books are written in a conversational, informative style that's easy forrepparttar reader to understand, and easy for you to imitate as you write them. Whether it's ten pages about Smart Finances, 50 pages on How to Care for Your Cat or 250 pages covering Secrets ofrepparttar 105242 World's Best Yoga Masters, there are several e-book formats you can write to that are thought-provoking enough to get your words flowing, and flexible enough to make them as long or short as you like. Each of these formats is extremely appealing torepparttar 105243 readers for its breezy, informative style.

Format 1: Q & A. Question and Answer sections win major popularity points with e-book readers for their direct, no-nonsense approach. Pose a question, offer an answer. This format is simple to create because right fromrepparttar 105244 get-go,repparttar 105245 copywriter is forced to jump intorepparttar 105246 mind ofrepparttar 105247 consumer, isolate his concerns, and then offer solutions. Switching perspectives is also a great mental exercise that lets you to see both sides of a situation. Why would you want to do this? If you can empathise withrepparttar 105248 reader, you'll be able to answer in a way that keeps his best interests in mind... and that makes him happy. If he's happy, he'll keep reading. If he keeps reading, he may ask for more information like this. And presto, you just landed yourself more writing work!

The style in which you write your questions will of course depend onrepparttar 105249 subjectmatter. If your topic is a dry one, write your questions and answers in a formal tone. Ifrepparttar 105250 theme is light and casual, try a conversational tone, like this:

Q: How do I figure out what questions to ask? A: That's easy; do some web research! There are forums for just about any topic onrepparttar 105251 internet. Visit one or two, and find out whatrepparttar 105252 most commonly asked questions are. Let's say your e-book is going to be about quilting. Locate some handicraft or quilting websites, sleuth aroundrepparttar 105253 boards for a while, and you might find someone asking this popular question: How do I silkscreen family photos to my quilt? There you go! Real concerns, from real people. Put them in your e-book!

Another good way to find questions is to scrollrepparttar 105254 annals of your mind for real-life situations. Maybe you're writing a book about senior citizen retirement homes. Your grandma was in one, wasn't she? What were her concerns? How about, "What do I do with all my stuff before I move in?" "What if I don't get along with my roommate?" "How can I ensure that my dietary needs are taken care of?" Train yourself to think likerepparttar 105255 interested consumer. Once you do this, you won't believe how quicklyrepparttar 105256 ideas come.

Format 2: Numbered Lists. If you haven't noticed already, this article is written as a Numbered List. Even though it's not part of an e-book, it could easily be incorporated into one. The numbered list will suit your e-book quite nicely.

People are drawn to lists for several reasons:

1) The eye naturally wants to scan anything in list format from top to bottom.

2) Lists provide incentive, followed by accomplishment. If you're reading along and you come to number eight in a list of 11 items, you know you're 3/4 ofrepparttar 105257 way home! That's surely a reason to keep on trucking.

3) Lists offer brief resting points that allowrepparttar 105258 brain to absorb what it just read before moving on.

Lists are just as easy to write as they are to read. Let's say you're writing an e-book, How to Enhance Your Children's Lives. Inrepparttar 105259 e-book is a sub-section, Fun Activities for a Rainy Day. The time comes to write it, but you're drawing a total blank. Then you rememberrepparttar 105260 numbered list format! It's worth a shot. In one burst, you scribble:

1. Bake cookies

2. Paint with watercolors

3. Teach them a new card game

4. Write poetry together

5. Plant some garden seeds

Look at that! In less than a minute, you managed to come up with 5 intriguing topics that can be developed at great length. And what's this, you just thought of four more! Once you're inrepparttar 105261 groove, it will be difficult to stop. That'srepparttar 105262 great thing about list writing. Can you see how this could quickly add up to lots of e-book pages?

Format 3: How-Tos. Your e-book reader is forever searching for new ideas, practical advice and solutions that work. She wants to be told, step by step, how to go about everything from home repairs to taxes, to raising her kidsrepparttar 105263 right way. Give her helpful instructions, and make her day!

There's A Fortune To Be Made In The Public Domain...

Written by Paul Sanford

For years now people have been taking advantage ofrepparttar tremendous opportunities available inrepparttar 105240 public domain publishing business.

This low risk/high profit business is open to anyone who takesrepparttar 105241 time to investigate and learnrepparttar 105242 legalities of re-packaging and re-publishing recently expired copyrighted works that are now inrepparttar 105243 public domain.

Some are even creating their own publishing empires by putting out a new work every other week.

There are vast treasures of information and artistic works such as movies, music, books photographs and posters that you can access at no cost.

The upside is tremendous.

Walt Disney became famous worldwide by re-publishing The Grimm Fairy Tales.

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